v40.2.0 – Social Improvements


The release of Qobrix v40.2.0 brings a variety of improvements and fixes throughout the system, in particular to Social Media and Dynamic Templates functionality.


Social Media

Social Media functionality is the newest addition to Qobrix, so it is not surprising that it we iterate very frequently over it.   In this release, we have significantly improved and expanded the Social Media subsystem from a basic proof of concept, to a more useful setup.  We have updated all the screens and menus, improved administration of the Social Media networks, expanded the support for Twitter integration, and more.

It is now possible to synchronize Social Media posts from the social networks into Qobrix and post to social networks directly from the Social Media are in Qobrix.

One particularly exciting expansion of the functionality is the added support for Social Media interactions.  Qobrix can now pull and store interactions (likes, shares, retweets, etc) from the social network for each post.

Dynamic Templates

Dynamic Templates functionality is becoming more and more powerful.  In this release we have added support for external images in the Dynamic Templates.  Additionally, a few user interface bits have been improved.

Patches and Fixes

As always, each release of Qobrix brings a variety of small fixes all around.  In this version, we have fixed and improved the following:

  • Fixed rendering of empty currency values
  • Fixed rendering of empty country values
  • Fixed rendering of list labels when the value is set to an integer zero
  • Improved performance of advanced search by limiting associations to only those used in the search criteria