v40.2.2 – Performance and UI


The release of Qobrix v40.2.2 brings a variety of fix and improvements throughout the system, in particular to performance and user interface.



In this version we have significantly improved the performance of the advanced search, by introducing per-user caching of the searchable modules and fields.  We have also optimized the query construction mechanism to work only with the modules which are part of the search criteria.

User Interface

Qobrix v40.2.2 brings a number of small user interface fixes and improvements.  Some of the most noticeable are:

  • Typeahead fields (select2 dropdowns) now work properly in embedded forms.
  • Date/time selectors popup to top, instead of bottom, to prevent them from hiding part of the interface below the screen border.
  • File upload previews now correctly show the file size instead of the 0 Kb.

Other Fixes

As always, each release includes a variety of small fixes all over.  Some of the minor fixes in this version include:

  • Improvements to the JWT token expiry, as well as more powerful control via the extended configuration.
  • Many-to-many relationships in the self-related modules now fetch records properly.
  • Improved control of minimum and maximum file uploads into a single field, via extended configuration and validation.
  • Fixed new systems installation issue related to a missing mailbox of the default administrator user.
  • Code cleanup and improved type checks via the introduction of the assertion library.