v41.0.0 – Security and Stability Improvements


Qobrix v41.0.0 brings significant security and stability improvements, as well as a variety of fixes for minor issues.


Security Improvements

In this version we are dropping support for unauthenticated API usage.  Since the early days of Qobrix, API authentication has been optional.  This allowed easier development and testing of integrations with the system, and satisfied some rare production environments, although it was never recommended.  Qobrix v41.0.0 drops support for this option, and from now on API authentication will always be required.
Additionally, we also made some significant improvements to the data validation.  In particular, communications between multiple Qobrix systems, such as Portal and CRM, are now much more stable and secure.  The structure and content of all messages, transferred between the systems, are checked against the known schemes and validation rules.

Stability Improvements

We have made several improvements to the stability of the system, especially in the area of integrations and cross-system communications.  One particular change that makes these more reliable is the increase in the networking timeouts used by several components.  We understand, that when integrating multiple systems together, it is not always possible to control all sides and parameters of the infrastructure.  So for that reason, some of the timeout values have been increased.

Other Improvements and Fixes

Every version of Qobrix delivers a variety of minor fixes throughout the system.  In this release, some of the most noticeable improvements are:
  • Better generation of thumbnails (especially in cases where mixed case is used for filename and extensions)
  • Search API now supports more flexible conditions with the IN parameter
  • Lots of code cleanup, refactoring, and simplification