Logging In and Logging Out

Logging In

Before you can do anything useful with Qobrix, you need to login.  When you are not logged in, we can’t tell who is who, and who you are.  Once you do login, we’ll know your name, email address. We’ll also know your role in the company and which features of the system should be enabled.

Logging into Qobrix is very easy.  You only need to know 3 things:

  • URL, or the web address of your Qobrix system,
  • your username,
  • and your password.

Your IT department will provide you with all of them.

Let’s try it now.  Open the URL of your Qobrix system in the browser.  You’ll see a screen similar to this one:

Qobrix - Users - login - v25.3.2

Now type your username and password into the form.  Be careful – you need to type them exactly as they are.  Pay attention to capital letters, numbers, and spaces.  Make sure your keyboard is set to English language.  Make sure not to enter any extra characters, like dots or spaces.  Done? Good, let’s click that “Sign In” button.

If you made a mistake, Qobrix will tell you.  You will see the same page, but with a red error messages.  Something like this:

Qobrix - Users - login incorrect - v25.3.2

Don’t worry.  It happens.  Give it another try and you should be in.  If it doesn’t work after two or three times, ask your IT department to check it.  Maybe they gave your a wrong password.

If everything worked out well, you’ll see the home screen of Qobrix.  This one looks very different from one system to another, and even from one user to another.  But just to give you an idea, here is a picture of one.

Qobrix - Dashboards - home - v25.3.2

Don’t be confused now.  We’ll explain it in a bit.  What is important for now is that you have successfully logged into the Qobrix system.  Congratulations!

Logging Out

Let’s try the opposite now.  You managed to get in, so now let’s get out.  Look at the previous screenshot – do you see where it says “John Doe” in the upper-right corner?  That’s where your user menu is.  Now look at the same place in your browser.  You should see your name or username in there.  Maybe even a little picture of you.  Click there with your mouse.  A tiny popup will open.  It looks like this:

Qobrix - Users - logout - v25.3.2


There’s a little button called “Sign out“.  Click that and you are out.  You should be back at the login page again.

You are ready to use the rest of the Qobrix system.  It’s as easy as logging in and out.