The Qobrix CRM System – Built around your requirements and processes

We understand a CRM System composes an important part of your business. Whether used for monitoring new enquiries, managing your projects and properties, tracking your sales process, scheduling follow-up reminders, generating reports, or reviewing daily activities, Qobrix will effortlessly deliver on your requirements. Qobrix captures all of your business processes and eliminates complex and ineffective features that have been built into off-the-shelf CRMs which are never used!


Our Process

Step 1 – Understanding your Requirements

We will begin with understanding your requirements in detail and which pain-points you would like to eliminate with the implementation of the CRM system. All your existing processes will be analysed in detail: from your sales and marketing processes, to your document management and back office processes.


Step 2- Recommendation of Best Practises

Based on the analysis from Step 1, we will revert to you with best practices from the industry and will map out the most effective way to implement your CRM system in accordance with your processes.


Step 3 – Implementation of your CRM System

The Qobrix platform has been built using the latest advances in technology and software architecture. The implementation of your CRM system will be done in rapid time without any compromise in the quality of your system.


Step 4 – Integration of Systems

Depending on your requirements, the Qobrix CRM system can be integrated with a plethora of other systems such as a website, live chat system, client and agent portals, telephony system, mail server, active directory, business intelligence, payment gateways, as well as the back-office/ERP system.

Via Integration Services, the Qobrix CRM system can become the focus point of your organisation.



Step 5 – Quality Assurance, Testing, and Training

Although this is listed as a final step, we actually test every step of the way and as often as possible. This avoids large disruptions at the end of any project and ensures the quality of the system throughout. We will then provide administrative, technical and user training to your organisation to ensure the successful rollout of the system.