About Forex Solutions

With our extensive experience as developers in the Forex industry, we have developed a core set of solutions that bring a wealth of features and functionality for Forex Brokers while tackling many of the existing system problems that Brokers have today. Our solutions include our class-leading Forex CRM,  a flexible and robust Trader’s Cabinet/Member’s Area, development of Forex Websites, and integration of all systems with trading platforms, payment gateways, and other systems.


We bring a wealth of Forex experience to the table to provide best-in-class solutions and share best practises from the industry. Our implementation process involves mapping out the most effective way to implement your solutions in accordance with your processes and what we’ve learnt through decades of experience.

The majority of our software developers have worked for some of the largest Forex brokers in the world and are intimately familiar with Forex CRM Systems, trading platforms, member’s areas, payment gateways, Forex websites, affiliate systems, KYC processes, compliance, reporting, telephony and mail server integration, and more.