Trader’s Cabinet / Member’s Area

The Qobrix Trader’s Cabinet / Member’s Area is a fully automated, fully responsive web solution that integrates with your Trading Platform  and Payment Systems and provides all the tools traders need. This includes the ability to open and manage multiple trading accounts and make instant deposits, internal transfers, withdrawal requests and more.

The modular structure and flexible architecture of the Qobrix Trader’s Cabinet / Member’s Area means that it captures all the business processes you require along with those required by regulators and provides a secure channel in which to receive client’s requests in a standardised format, simplifying processing, reducing administrative workload and cost.

When connected to the Qobrix Forex CRM, many tasks requested via the Trader’s Cabinet / Member’s Area are routed to the correct person automatically

Main Features

Our Forex Trader’s Cabinet / Member’s Area Solution is implemented in accordance with best practices and recommendations for web systems. All the necessary tools, such as software version control, automated deployment processes, multi-environment setup (test/staging and live/production), unit testing, and source documentation are setup as a key part of the software implementation.

The Trader’s Cabinet/ Member’s Area provides the following functionality

  • Account registration process
    • Demo account registration with automated KYC if required
    • Live account registration (multiple steps to validate contact information, upload required documents, and agree to terms and conditions)
  • Fund transfers
    • Deposit money to a live trading account (support multiple payment processors, currencies, AML (anti-money laundering) processes)
    • Withdraw money from a live trading account (support multiple payment processors, currencies, AML processes)
  • Account administration processes (depending on trading platform and business requirements)
    • Change of leverage
    • Change of password
    • Change of currency
    • Change of group / other settings
  • Messages, notifications, and alerts (depending on business requirements)
    • Email notifications
    • SMS notifications
  • Support for Corporate Accounts

The Qobrix Trader’s Cabinet / Member’s Area can be customised to fit with the look and feel of your existing website, branding and graphical language to ensure customers experience a seamless transition between the two environments.