Qobrix HUB – Intranet Solution Overview

QobrixHUB is a robust intranet system that provides a plethora of collaboration features for any company. With flexible content management, galleries, calendars, and permissions, QobrixHUB delivers intranet features with minimum effort. Qobrix HUB promotes collaboration with forums, commenting, embedded social media and of course, news, articles and announcements. A detailed description of each module is provided below:



Complete content management for documents, articles, forums, images and videos

Ability to create and manage calendars or integrate with external calendars

Highly advanced permissions catering for geographies, hierarchies and departments

Intranet Modules

This module is used for storing and processing documents required by the business, whether pdf files, images, videos, or custom files. Whether adding an employee handbook, or a marketing brochure for your sales department, Qobrix HUB handles documents and document versioning effortlessly. The Qobrix API allows these files to be accessed by other systems.

Qobrix HUB provides for flexible content and category management for your internal and external news and announcements. External news feeds can also be integrated into this module. Articles can be presented with featured image and sorted by dates or title, and categories can be easily setup for article types.

Qobrix HUB provides complete calendar functionality and allows you to add multiple calendars for items such as conference room bookings, vacation days, events, and public holidays. Calendars can also be integrated with external calendars such as Google Calendars or event calendars feeds and views are easily switched between day, week or month.

The Gallery Module allows you you to create multiple galleries and upload images and videos either individually or in batch mode. With thumbnail creation and preview, as well as carousel presentation functionality, your galleries are setup for optimal viewing. Images and videos can either be stored on the Qobrix HUB server, or separately in an FTP server.

All your company’s social media can be embedded and presented within the Intranet so that company employees can view your latest company posts in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Instagram, YouTube or other social media. With complete integration of your social media into Qobrix HUB, you may even setup special playlists for media that you want your employees to see.

Qobrix HUB provides for Forums and Commenting which allow for activities such as brainstorming to occur on the company intranet, or even for employees to be able to place classifieds for themselves. Commenting is provided and permissions are set to either allow for company moderation or for complete freedom of comments.

You can setup multiple topics with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Qobrix HUB. Easy to populate Questions and Answers can be rapidly setup, and answers are provided with a complete Editor to highlight important text or provide italic quotes for statements. An advanced search module is also provided.

Qobrix HUB provides for an advanced permissions system based on groups and roles allowing for flexible hierarchical structures (User Authentication and Access Control Management). Our permissions system is highly advanced allowing for geographies, hierarchies and departmental variations in permissions to be catered for.

How Qobrix HUB can be integrated with external systems

Qobrix Intranet - Integrations Diagram