Qobrix Real Estate Software

Qobrix Real Estate Software (Qobrix RE) is a multi-system platform that provides true innovation for real-estate companies.   The innovation of the system is the customer-centric focus of Qobrix RE. The platform re-engineers the entire organisation towards the acquisition and service of customers.   The Qobrix Real Estate CRM System is the foundation of Qobrix RE and provides all the necessary features for a Property Developer or Real Estate Agency including sales management, property management, document management, and content management. It provides automatic feeds to the Client Portal, Agent Portal, White Label System and Real Estate Websites. The schematic below shows the different systems that make up the Qobrix Real Estate Software portfolio and how they work together to deliver ground-breaking results.

System Architecture

Real Estate Agent Portal

The Agent Portal works in direct communication with the CRM System to provide Agents with 24/7 access to information that they require. Each Agent is granted access to their own personal space where they can obtain sales collateral and project information as generated by the Property Developer including brochures, presentations, images and white label material.

Client Portal

The Client Portal is a unique solution with many attributes that will serve a Property Developer’s or a Real Estate Agent’s clients and substantially helps with further client referrals. The Client Portal provides the client with access to their floor plans, site plans, property images, progress photos, contract documentation, financial statements and more.

White Label Software

The White Label System provides a unique and innovative solution when it comes to the automated deployment of multiple websites that are branded with each respective Agent’s or Sub-Agent’s logo. It provides the capability to run multiple sites from a single platform and allows you to apply a distinct design, structure, content and taxonomy to multiple websites.

Real Estate Websites

We build feature-rich real estate websites that have minimal administration. These websites exhibit the real-estate portfolio held by the Property Developer or Real Estate Agency and have special features including, direct integration with the CRM, automatic updates of properties, specifications of properties, advanced search, and enquiry integration with the CRM.

Real Estate Agent Portal

Client Portal

White Label Software

Real Estate Websites


Qobrix Real Estate CRM

Sales Management

  • Leads
  • Opportunities
  • Sales
  • Campaigns

Property Management

  • Properties
  • Specifications
  • Extras
  • Valuations

Document Management

  • Brochures
  • Images
  • Presentations
  • Floor Plans

Content Management

  • Forums
  • News
  • Articles
  • Comments

Advantages of Qobrix RE

Qobrix RE re-engineers the entire organisation towards the acquisition and service of customers. Qobrix RE provides:

  • One system framework for handling customer relationships, property management, content management, financial management and land and asset management
  • Truly innovative portals that provide new service levels to customers and agents while providing business intelligence and analytics on all your marketing channels:
Qobrix RE ensures that the updates of these portals is always handled automatically without separate administration for each system. Information is dynamically updated in all systems. An example would be that a property that is reflected as sold in the customer and property management system would then automatically be removed from the website, the agent portal, and the white label system without any need for administering these systems.