Qobrix Real Estate CRM

The Qobrix Real Estate CRM System is a flexible customer relationship management software with all the necessary features for a Property Developer or Real Estate Agency including:

  • Customer Management – Lead Management, Contact Management, Opportunity Management, and Ratios of Leads to Opportunities, Opportunities to Sales, Leads to Sales, etc.
  • Property Management – Property attributes including Property Size, Finishes, Facilities, Amenities, Images, Marketing material, Google Map coordinates, Status, etc.
  • Document Management – Brochures, Presentations, Flyers, Images, Floor Plans, etc.
  • Content Management – Forums, News, Articles, and Comments



Complete Sales, Property, Document and Content Management

Complete media and specification management for Projects and Properties

Reduced Administration with automatic updates of website from the CRM

Complete Agent module for handling agreements, commissions, incoming leads

Powerful Activities module for sales for logging calls, tasks, meetings and emails

Highly flexible system built around your real estate processes

Real Estate CRM Integration

Qobrix CRM Real Estate - Integrations Diagram


Used to record and process marketing leads and client details.

Supports a variety of fields related to a potential customer including the lead source, lead status and rating of the lead.

This module is used to reflect leads that have now moved on to a tangible opportunity status.

Opportunities are usually created through the leads conversion process.

Closing probabilities are also assigned according to the Opportunity status.

This module is used to centralise a client’s information and group all the accounts of a client.

Accounts are usually created through the Opportunity conversion process but can also be entered manually or automatically completed through API integration.

The Projects Module provides pertinent information related to a project including:

  • Videos/Images
  • Amenities/Facilities
  • Site plans/Area Maps
  • Google map coordinates
  • Brochures
  • 3D tours/ walkthroughs
  • Property Listing priority

The Properties Module provides pertinent information related to a property including:

  • Type
  • View
  • Media
  • Property size
  • Property specifications
  • Finishes
  • Floor plans
  • Construction Stage
  • Availability

The Agents module is used to manage agents and pertinent data related to them

The agent agreements and commission percentages are stored within the CRM

Information is also kept as to the type of agent that they are, whether they are a sub-agent of someone else, and to which salesperson they are assigned to

The system provides multiple dashboards which can be customised according to a person’s role within the company.

An easy interface is provided for you to customise your dashboards and the fields that you would like to be displayed.

This module is used for storing and processing documents required by the business, whether pdf files, images, videos, or custom files.

Document management and document versioning is provided.

The Qobrix API allows these files to be accessed by other systems.