Use Qobrix CRM software to list all calls made and the outcome of these calls, particularly those relating to leads and opportunities, so you can monitor at what stage of the buyers journey they are in and modify your lead conversion strategy accordingly.

Qobrix Real Estate Calls module

Key Features

Monitor incoming and outgoing calls

Integrate your Qobrix CRM with your IP PBX system (telephony system) and automatically log all calls made and received to and from leads and opportunities. The integration will also allow you to implement the click-to-call technology and make follow-up calls directly from your CRM.

Listen to call recordings to improve sales and marketing strategies

Import audio files and listen to the call recordings. This gives you a great deal of insights into how your sales team is performing – are they are asking the right questions, are they picking up on a lead’s pain points and are they addressing objections with confidence? In this way, you can identify each sales rep’s strengths and weaknesses and then implement the training needed to improve their chances of meeting sales goals. Call recordings also help your sales and marketing managers improve sales and marketing strategies based on the insights they get from these real life conversations and scenarios.