Advanced Tools

Qobrix Real Estate CRM software offers a variety of advanced tools that address the complex operational challenges faced by real estate professionals. These tools play an integral role in providing important business intelligence as well as streamlining internal workflows and administrative processes and procedures, giving your sales team the ability to focus on customer acquisition and making sales.

Access crucial business insights

The Qobrix Real Estate CRM allows you to create and customise a variety of useful Dashboards that provide critical business insights. You can configure dashboards according to department, user or any other way that best suits your business. Each dashboard can then be configured with numerous customized reports generated from any module in the CRM. A sales agent can  create their own  dashboard to help them with their daily activities and to better manage their sales pipeline. Sales Managers can track all unassigned leads, monitor forecasted revenues, view their agents’ upcoming viewings, and focus on the hottest opportunities to increase the possibilities of closing those much-needed deals. The Qobrix CRM comes with four default dashboards including Sales, Marketing, After Sales and Management to help you kickstart your business from the get-go.

Access crucial business insights
Streamline operations and administrative processes

Streamline operations & administrative processes

Use the Qobrix Real Estate CRM User Management tool to create and assign Users to particular groups in the CRM according to the role and responsibilities of each sales representative. Assign specific permissions to all Users in the CRM, based on any criteria, you want with the Advanced Permissions tool and save time by editing large volumes of records simultaneously with the Batch Processing tool. Utilise the Import Data/Files tool to import data, files and images from other systems, databases or spreadsheets and sync with existing records for automatic updates. Use the Duplicates tool to manage duplicate contacts in your contacts module efficiently and quickly. Input information about a property (title and description) in different languages and then generate branded brochures in the CRM in those languages with the Multilingual fields tool.

Manage property listings more effectively

With the Property Approval Workflow tool, you can set restrictions on the publication of any property on your real estate website by assigning CRM Users the task of reviewing all data pertinent to that property first, to ensure the information is accurate and up-to-date.  Use the Documents tool to upload and manage all relevant documentation related to the purchase or sale of a client’s property. With the Advanced Search tool you are able to use smart filters to make finding a property in your CRM more efficient.

Manage property listings more effectively
Easily integrate with third-party applications

Easy integrate with 3rd-party applications

Use the REST API tool to interact with third-party applications to generate leads from third-party sources (e.g. social media platforms, your real estate website, etc.) and to allow other websites to easily request information from the Qobrix Real Estate CRM and pull it to their site, for e.g. property name and other specifications.