Advanced Tools

Qobrix Real Estate CRM software offers a variety of advanced tools that address the complex operational challenges faced by real estate professionals. These tools play an integral role in providing important business intelligence as well as streamlining internal workflows and administrative processes and procedures, giving your sales team the ability to focus on customer acquisition and making sales.

Access crucial business insights

Qobrix offers customizable dashboards for vital business insights. Get a comprehensive view of your performance and track vital metrics with ease. Whether you’re managing daily activities or prioritizing hot opportunities, the CRM provides powerful insights and reporting capabilities to help you stay ahead of the competition. With four default dashboards to jumpstart your business, you’ll be equipped to make data-driven decisions and unlock new levels of success.

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Create and customize dashboards for vital business insights. Learn More


Streamline workflow & improve productivity

Experience unparalleled efficiency with Qobrix Real Estate CRM. Assign users to groups based on responsibilities and assign specific permissions based on criteria. Easily edit multiple records, import data and images, manage duplicates, and promote properties globally.

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Manage your users

Create and assign users to particular groups in the CRM. Learn More


Advanced permissions

Assign specific permissions to all CRM users, based on any criteria. Learn More

Bulk actions in qobrix crm

Bulk Actions

Simultaneously edit large volumes of records to save time. Learn More

Import data and files in qobrix crm

Import Data/Files

Import data, files, and images from other systems, databases, or spreadsheets and automatically update existing records. Learn More

Multilingual real estate crm

Multilingual CRM

Promote properties in global markets with a multilingual CRM system that offers flexibility for your business to expand. Learn More


Manage property listings more effectively

Give your customers access to accurate and up-to-date information with the workflow process for property approval and rest easy knowing that published information on your website is verified by a CRM user. Easily keep track of all relevant property documents and find exactly what you’re looking for with smart filters.

Property Approval Workflow

Approve & Publish

Restrict property publication on your website Learn More

Document Management

Manage documents

Upload and manage all documentation related to the purchase or sale of a client's property Learn More

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Saved Searches

Use smart filters to efficiently find a property Learn More


Easy integrate with 3rd-party applications

Integrate with third-party applications and experience growth like never before! Increase your reach by generating leads from your website & social media and boost visibility by allowing other websites to request & display vital Qobrix Real Estate CRM information.

api integration with qobrix real estate crm

API Integration

Generate leads from third-party sources. Learn More


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