Document Management

The Qobrix Real Estate CRM Documents module can be used to upload marketing collateral and any other necessary documentation pertinent to the needs of your real estate business.

Manage official documents in one central location

Use the Documents module to upload all official documents to the CRM for easy access at any time, e.g. company documents, permits, contract templates, forms/applications, and any other documents you deem necessary.


Create a marketing archive

There is a huge volume of marketing material generated and used by real estate businesses on a day to day basis. Use the Documents module in the CRM to create a centralised archive of all this collateral so that it is easy to find. This includes pictures, videos, tours, presentations, flyers, brochures, plans, etc.


Name your document files

The Documents module in the CRM gives you the ability to name the files that you are uploading the documents to, making it significantly easier and quicker to search for a document in the CRM.


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