Import Data/Files

Qobrix CRM software makes it easy for you to import data and files from other systems, databases or spreadsheets.

Importing data to Qobrix real estate crm

Import a variety of data

Add any type of information from other external sources into the Qobrix CRM system quickly and easily. This includes contacts, enquiries, leads, opportunities, customers, Agents, etc., as required by your business.

Import and assign images

Import any number of images into the Qobrix CRM system and automatically sync to matching properties. This will eliminate the need to upload the images manually and add them to properties. As a result, workflows will be streamlined and the risk of errors reduced.

Importing images to properties
Import data with property mapping

Automatically update spreadsheets

Easily update data in Qobrix CRM by simply reimporting updated spreadsheets. The CRM will automatically locate the existing data and update it with the new information.