Real Estate API

Looking to integrate seamlessly with other third-party or in-house applications? Look no further than the Qobrix Real Estate API. Our API offers easy data retrieval and sharing, along with customization. Generate leads from third-party sources and share information with other websites to boost your online presence.

Effortlessly retrieve and share data

Streamline your data management with the Qobrix Real Estate API. Our API offers seamless data retrieval and sharing, enabling users to access and share data with third-party applications. Property data, such as pricing and location, can be easily fetched from external sources and automatically updated in the CRM, reducing errors, and ensuring up-to-date information. With quick access to property data, leads, and other information in real-time, you can make faster and more informed decisions.


Accelerate development with the Qobrix Real Estate API

The Qobrix Real Estate API uses standardized protocols and formats, making it easier for developers to generate code and accelerate development. Save time and effort in the coding process and quickly build robust, scalable APIs that integrate seamlessly with other systems and tools, improving productivity and reducing maintenance costs.


Powerful documentation and support

At Qobrix, we are committed to providing the highest level of support and guidance to our clients, ensuring they are fully equipped to leverage the full potential of our real estate CRM. Our powerful documentation includes detailed examples and use cases, making it easy for clients to understand and use the API feature. With comprehensive documentation, you can streamline workflows, improve data management, and gain valuable insights into customer behavior and market trends.


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