User Management Module

With this feature, you can create and assign Users to particular groups in the Qobrix Real Estate CRM according to the needs of your internal processes and procedures so as to streamline workflows.

Qobrix CRM user management and user groups

Creating User Groups

Create Users in the CRM and group them according to your criteria. Users can be assigned into any group you see fit, e.g. Sales, Marketing, Finance, Administration, etc., dependent on their individual set of duties and responsibilities. Users can be given access to information relevant to their group, and restricted from accessing information in any other group.

Assigning Roles to Groups

Users can be assigned to multiple groups, each group being assigned to a particular Role or multiple Roles within the same group. Each Role is then granted specific permissions to access all or some parts of a module based on the restrictions which the Real Estate company wishes to enforce e.g., you can limit permissions for sales people to only view their assigned leads and not to be able to export or delete data from the system. This removes any bottlenecks or delays that come with a physical person having to authorise access to a new user of the system as all they need to do is simply add or remove users from a group to enforce these permissions.
Qobrix CRM user management and roles