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Mar 20, 2019

Sales goals Qobrix

An article in Forbes called “13 Essential Sales Tips For Real Estate Agents” collected the top sales advice from 13 members of the Forbes Real Estate Council. These tips explain how a real estate agent can overcome the hurdles and challenges that come his way and advance his business. We decided to take one step forward and show exactly how some of the main goals can be achieved by using Qobrix.

Be obsessed. That’s it, be obsessed with getting your client your product or service. Be obsessed with providing them with the highest level of service and satisfaction. Be obsessed with solving their problems and growing your business in the process. Most salespeople simply lack clarity and obsession, and you can’t show me one great salesperson who’s not obsessed.Lucas Pinto, Lucas Pinto Real Estate Group, LLC

How to be obsessed? By being in control of your leads and opportunities. Using Qobrix, you can easily categorise and control your data. Separate pages for leads and opportunities allow your team to share information and leave comments for each other in real time. The easy-to-use search function helps you find everything you need in mere seconds. Tired of seeking out duplicates? With a click of a button Qobrix flags them and gives you a choice of whether to delete or merge them. You can even view your Conversion Ratios of Leads to Opportunities, Opportunities to Sales, Leads to Sales, etc. to have a clear understanding on what is going on in your sales department.

Being a good listener is key to sales success. Listening shows you care, makes it possible to understand what the prospect’s true needs and wants are — which then helps you frame how you can provide a solution. Sometimes, prospects simply need to convince themselves. In those cases, you just need to listen and validate what they’re saying. – Lisa Fettner, ReferralExchange

Through the client portal you can easily communicate with existing clients by leaving them comments and status updates. This way the client doesn’t need to waste time on phone calls and emails, and you get the opportunity to give them the personalised attention they are looking for.

The greatest barrier to success for a client is a distraction keeping them from achieving their goals. One of the most challenging barriers includes real estate development. Showing how your services can remove complicated barriers is essential to close the sale. – Bryan McLaren, Zoned Properties, Inc.

Our client portal ensures that your clients can control and monitor their property from anywhere in the world. It guarantees them full transparency, eliminating the need to constantly get the information from the developer. Whether it’s monitoring the stages of construction or an update on the contract preparation, they have all the information at their fingertips. You can share images of their property and share all documentation during construction, to invest in a trustworthy relationship.

Nobody knows you exist until the consumer sees you. You are the best billboard for your brand. Constant contact, communication and advertising your name/brand is the only way to let the consumer know you exist. You have to spend money on advertising to make money. If you keep your name silent, no one will ever know your brand exists or what your company offers. Advertising dollars equal profits. – Angela Yaun, Day Realty Group

Qobrix ensures that you can control your branding and give it a cohesive feel. Our unique White label solution allows you to automatically generate multiple websites, branded with each respective agent’s logo, and control them from a single platform. All of the property information is controlled via the system and allows the Property Developer to apply a distinct design, structure, content and taxonomy to multiple websites. With the help of our web forms embedded directly into the website templates, potential customers can get in touch with your agents directly from the website. On the other hand, our messaging service ensures that the property developer and the agent are immediately aware of the potential enquiry.

The more calls you make, the more networking events you go to, the more follow up you do, the better your sales results will be. Track your activities and you will clearly see that it boils down to how much you are actually DOING that generates sales. Meetings and brainstorming sessions are great, but activities directly related to generating new business will drive sales. – Ali Jamal, Stablegold Hospitality

To get results, you need an efficient process. Qobrix’s staff management module allows you:

  • To monitor what each sales person is doing at any given moment via a user-friendly interface.
  • To understand the necessity of a meeting, by simply clicking on it in the system and receiving the customer related data.
  • To ensure that there are no scheduling conflicts
  • To set up email reminders for upcoming meetings
  • To create single page management dashboards with staff activity

We want your business to succeed and advance. This is why we did everything possible to make sure our product answers your every need. We see our customers success as our personal success and that’s what sets us apart from everyone else. We value your trust and the relationships you have with your clients and make it our priority to protect them. We make sure to constantly upgrade our software according to our clients’ feedback, thus giving you a best-practice solution for your business needs.

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