Real Estate Client Portal

Qobrix’s Real Estate Client Portal is an innovative solution designed to serve your clients and to help generate further client referrals.

Qobrix Real Estate Client Portal

Instant access to property related documents

Use Qobrix Real Estate Client Portal to give clients quick access to all documentation pertaining to their property, including  floor plans, site plans, property images, progress photos, Contracts, Agreements, financial statements (balance, payments due), service statements, a listing of their extras purchased, etc. This reduces the need for a constant exchange of emails with clients to share and review documents as all information is held in one place, thereby simplifying communication with the client.

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Direct communication with the CRM

Updated by the CRM, clients gain instant access to all information and documentation relating to their properties from the back-end systems. The Client Portal is available on a per client basis through login credentials and gives clients the satisfaction that they are individually being looked after throughout the sales cycle.

Communication of CRM with Real Estate Client Portal
Provide secure access to client documents through Qobrix Real estate client portal

Provide secure access to client documents

Through the Qobrix Real Estate Client Portal you can give your clients secure access to all documents concerning their property, with unique login credentials and password security.  This will ensure that all information and paperwork remain private and accessible only by your client.

Offer top-tier user experience

Provide your real estate clients with a top-tier user experience through an advanced and aesthetically pleasing Client Portal user interface that is easy to navigate and which will allow clients to show their property to friends or family worldwide, in a visually appealing and simple to view format. 

Offer top-tier user experience
Monitor a property's progress through the Client Portal

Allow Clients to monitor their property's progress

Give your real estate clients access to a wide range of innovative tools and features to enhance the Client Portal user experience. This includes WEBCAM access so that your client can monitor the progress of a property or to view the surrounding area; a weather widget to track the weather forecast of the property’s locations, etc.

Offer high-level after-sales support

Use Qobrix Real Estate Client portal to deliver top quality after-sales support so that your clients become ambassadors for your real estate enterprise. Ensure all property-related information and documentation is always available to your client and up to date. Include all material regarding news and events that you want to promote, as well as access to targeted promotional campaigns (e.g. refer a friend, etc.). Word of mouth publicity combined with choice property images and immediate access to property master plans acts as an ongoing, impactful marketing campaign for your real estate business.

Offer high-level after-sales support with Qobrix Real Estate client portal