TikTok for Real Estate in 2022

May 12, 2022

TikTok for Real Estate

TikTok remains a widely popular social media platform globally. As far as TikTok for real estate is concerned, the app continues to be an integral part of real estate social media strategies.

But just how widely used is TikTok? Well, according to these stats by InfluencerMarketingHub:

  • TikTok users spend more than 850 minutes per month on the app
  • TikTok now has 1 billion monthly active users (January 2022)
  • 3 billion Installations
  • 167 million TikTok videos watched in an internet minute
  • Highest social media engagement rates per post
  • 1,000,000 estimated daily page views

So, how can your real estate business leverage the power of this video app? That’s what we’ll look at in today’s blog.

Table of Contents

  1. Identify your audience
  2. Adapt your real estate content
  3. Humanise your presence
  4. Make use of trending hashtags and sounds
  5. Keep engaged, respond to comments
  6. Conclusion

1. Identify your audience

As far as marketing strategies go, there is one component that remains constant and that is knowing who you’re marketing too. The same applies to TikTok. Before creating your content, identify who the audience is that you are looking to engage. Once you have segmented the audience into the relevant buyer personas, work on the type of video content that you would like to serve them. In the case of first-time homebuyers, it might be a video:

  • highlighting your property listings
  • explaining the homebuying process
  • showcasing a neighbourhood and all the nearby amenities
  • introducing your real estate agency

MyRealPage also suggests several other video ideas for a wider audience such as:

  • Behind-the-scenes snippets of your real estate business
  • Real Estate Tips
  • “Yup, Nope” videos to share common truths or myths

2. Adapt your real estate content for TikTok

You’ve probably designed and accumulated a lot of real estate marketing collateral. Use it as the basis to create compelling videos that will resonate with your audience. You have approximately 15 to 60 seconds to attract and engage your viewers enough to motivate them to contact you. This means you need to make the most out of that time. Use your existing material to brainstorm ideas and think about how you can use it to speak to each buyer persona.

Once you have produced the video, create a consistent publishing schedule. Also keep vigilant of any weekly changes to TikTok trends and leverage them in your videos, be this by way of hashtags, music, etc.

3. Humanise your presence

People connect with other people. TikTok is a great way to put a face to a brand, to show your personality and create an authentic perception about your business. So create TikTok videos that do exactly this. Then monitor the type of response you get. Establish whether the added human touch resonates more than a video that showcases a property for example. Measure this by analysing your CTA (call to action) results, the number of comments you have received or overall views.

Quantitative data provides great insights into the type of videos you can create to:

  • optimise engagement with your audience
  • enhance brand awareness
  • boost lead generation
  • convert viewers into opportunities and ultimately homebuyers

4. When using TikTok for real estate, leverage trending hashtags and music

Once you know what information you want to share with your audience, decide on how to present it. Use the discover tab to explore what hashtags or music are trending and which can be integrated into your own content. Leveraging both increases the likelihood of your videos being viewed and engaged with. The more this happens, the more people will share them through the For You Page (a curated feed based on individual user’s likes). Further, by using a trending hashtag or sound, the higher the chances are that your video will be served to people searching for that specific hashtag or sound, boosting engagement. (Outfront.kw)

Below are the 20 most popular trending hashtags related to real estate on TikTok:

  • #realtor
  • #realestate
  • #realestateagent
  • #realtorlife
  • #home
  • #househunting
  • #forsale
  • #property
  • #newhome
  • #realty
  • #investment
  • #dreamhome
  • #broker
  • #homesweethome
  • #luxuryrealestate
  • #sold
  • #realestatelife
  • #homeforsale
  • #openhouse
  • #justlisted

5. Keep engaged, respond to comments

Posting a video on TikTok is not enough, you must be prepared to engage in conversation with the viewers, whether this is through the comments they leave or the queries the video generates. As with all forms of marketing, it’s not enough to merely publish a post. Once that post is live, you need to get ready to be responsive.

As Outfront.kw reiterate, “Conversation matters. Posting a TikTok is just the first step. Once your content is live, you have to gear up for the conversation. “If your TikTok has a question or a call to action in it, this will trigger people to leave a comment and you can respond. It’s not just about posting”.

6. Conclusion

It’s clear that TikTok for real estate is a vital component of your overall social media component, offering another channel to generate leads and boost sales. Go through your existing material, come up with some creative ideas, incorporate trending hashtags and sound and have fun creating the videos!

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