The Century21 website integrates responsive design principles with beautiful property images, resulting in a contemporary visual aesthetic to engage a global audience. The site offers a powerful user experience with custom-built, advanced search functionalities, detailed property descriptions and a unique split view feature. Integration of the website with the Qobrix CRM system has also optimised the management of property listings and leads and increased the speed at which properties are published to the website.





Century21 real estate website case study

The Client

Century21 is a global franchise that was founded with the goal of breaking new ground in the real estate industry. With more than 50 years of achievements, today, the company boasts more than 155k agents located at some 14,240 offices in more than 86 countries, making it one of the only real estate agencies of this scale.

Century21 real estate website
Century21 Mobile website
Century21 Real Estate office

The Challenge

Century21 wanted to fully redesign their website to highlight its commercial and residential property listings, to boost site responsiveness and to generate and convert more leads. The inclusion of high-resolution property images that didn’t impact the performance or speed of the site was a priority, together with ensuring easy navigation of the website across multiple screens and devices. Advanced search capabilities were critical, as was the ability to show users related results (similar properties) when searching for a property, easy access to property specifications, and the ability to contact an agent directly from any property page.

Century21 Real Estate website design
Infinity website design
Infinity website design

The Design

The focus was on combining the powerful visual collateral provided by Century21 with a modern design approach that adhered to the company’s branding guidelines. This required a total redesign of the client’s website to produce a look and feel that is both stylishly elegant and strikingly unique. An infinite carousel of gorgeous photographs to beautifully showcase Century21’s real estate portfolio, and engaging, lead generating CTAs further enhance the overall user experience.

User Experience

Advanced Search Fields

Users can quickly filter their search for any type of property using a variety of smart search fields.

Split View Screen

Users can view a property and its map location without having to navigate to a different webpage.

Direct Messaging

A user can message an agent directly from the website using the envelope icon on every property profile.

Century21 website advanced search fields
Century21 Real Estate CRM

CRM Customisations

Publishing to Website

A customised 2-step approval process for publishing properties to the website was implemented.

Group User Permissions

The ability to set specific group permissions to groups of users to access certain records was enabled.

CRM Message Notifications

Agents can now be notified via the CRM of any messages sent by prospective clients directly from the website.

Our Solution

ThinqDigital redesigned Century21’s website to beautifully highlight the company’s property portfolio without compromising on branding prerequisites, site performance or user experience. Qobrix included key elements to engage visitors on the site such as simple navigation tools, smart filtering functionalities, wish lists to save favourite properties, direct message access with agents, and high-quality property images that compel users to want to discover more.

Integration with the Qobrix CRM ensures that all information on the site remains up to date, streamlines communication with prospective leads originating from the website, and optimises how property records are managed on the CRM by setting appropriate user permissions. Furthermore, integration with the international Century21 website allows for publishing properties across their global platform.

Century21 Website and CRM integration
Century21 CRM and website integration