Portals that cater to every aspect of
the real estate industry.

Capture better leads, manage after-sales more efficiently, manage your properties and tenants and provide an easy way for your tenants to pay rent, report issues and get in touch with you. Whatever it is you need, we ‘ve got you covered.

Exclusive service with the VIP Portal

Provide superior VIP service

Qobrix’s VIP Portal is a premium solution designed to better serve your top-tier clients by giving them prime access to selected properties. The VIP Portal offers a carefully curated property portfolio to suit their purchasing criteria with favorite capabilities to save potential properties for purchase. With access to a document management system for sharing offers, reservations, and contract documents, your VIP clients are guaranteed a superior customer experience.

Streamline sales with the Agent portal

Less prospecting, better leads.

Qobrix’s Agent Portal works in direct communication with the CRM System, granting Brokers/External Agents 24/7 access to their own personal space where they can obtain sales collateral and project information in real-time. Use the Agent Portal to access advanced tools to manage the sales pipeline, register and monitor all leads and clients, generate branded marketing material, and communicate with customers.

Client portal is perfect for Developers

After-Sales will never be the same

Qobrix’s Client Portal is an innovative solution designed to serve your clients and help generate further client referrals. Give clients instant access to their property-related documents, photos, and floorplans and enable them to monitor payments due or processed. With a click of a button, queries can be sent directly to the agent, streamlining communications.

Manage tenants& properties with the Landlord Portal

Manage your properties & tenants

Qobrix’s Landlord Portal is designed to manage all properties under tenancy in one central location. Landlords can add, view, and manage properties in an intuitive way while keeping track of billing and collections. Contacts can be browsed and edited along with tenancy agreements. Monitoring ongoing maintenance jobs that require attention ensures that Landlords remain up-to-date and on schedule making the Landlord Portal a priceless solution.

Tenant Portal, perfect for payments and updates

Easy rent payments, jobs and more..

Qobrix’s Tenant Portal is designed to give tenants power over their rental properties. Tenants can upload rental contracts and any other relevant property agreements, track all utility payments due, and monitor any property maintenance work to be undertaken. With easy access to contacts, tenants can communicate with agents at any time. By consolidating important data in one place, the Tenant Portal makes the rental process seamless.


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