Manage your daily activities

The real estate sales cycle is comprised of several activities which lead to the successful conclusion of a sale.  Each activity plays a vital role in getting one step closer to closing a deal, and Qobrix Real Estate CRM software enables your sales team to manage these activities effectively and efficiently.

Monitor your entire call history

Log all calls in Qobrix’s CRM system to better manage incoming leads and opportunities. Integrate your CRM with VOIP to automate telephonic communication with prospective customers; and import audio files to listen to sales conversations.


Qobrix Real Estate Calls module
Real Estate Activities module - Monitor property viewings

Track the status of all viewings

Use Qobrix to Schedule Viewings with opportunities in the CRM and monitor and track the outcomes to identify what properties generate more interest than others so that you can adjust your listings accordingly.


Improve task management

Record all tasks in Qobrix’s CRM system and assign accordingly, with relevant deadlines, so that they can be properly managed, improving workflows and customer service.


Task Management in Qobrix CRM
Real Estate Activities module - Manage comments

Keep a tab on all comments

Keep a log and track the history of the most relevant actions and outcomes taken from any record added in any module.