Leads & Sales Management

Manage your Sales process with just a few simple steps. Qobrix separates your potential clients into Leads and Opportunities modules, giving your sales team the power to prioritise which enquiries need more attention. Categorise your enquiries by status, document the outcome of your last call, schedule your next follow-up date and increase your chances of bringing in that much needed sale.

After Sales Support

Not only will Qobrix streamline your sales process but it will also help you support your clients after the sale is made. Keep all the important, client related paperwork consolidated in one place and gain immediate access to it when needed. Enhance the communication and solidify the trust with your clients by giving them instant access to the client portal, which showcases vital information including floor plans, progress photos, property images and more.

Duplicates Management

Manage your contacts and detect all your duplicate entries with the contact field of your choice. Once identified you then have the choice to delete, merge or disregard your duplicate entry. The amount of information which is added daily to your CRM can be overwhelming and with these simple steps Qobrix allows you to effectively manage your duplicate entries in an efficient manner.

Campaigns & Marketing Tools

Plan and execute your marketing blitz, while monitoring what works best for your business, by linking each enquiry to the appropriate campaign. Create instant property brochures, directly generated from Qobrix’s dynamic templates, and save your business time and money. Impress your potential clients by following up with them through video emails giving them a positive vibe of the properties they viewed with you.

Property Management

Add your properties with all the needed specifications through a user-friendly interface and always be up-to-date with their status. Upload media files and brochures per property and sync them directly with your website giving you the opportunity to use Qobrix as a CMS for basic information.

Dashboards & Reporting

Use the extensive search functionality and generate a plethora of different reports, to help your business run smoother and improve the decision-making process. Track individual or team performance, monitor which marketing campaigns generate the most enquiries, view available properties and more.

Global Listings Integrations

Give your properties a boost by adding them to global directories directly from your CRM. Qobrix has integrated with world renown property listings such as Zoopla and RightMove and so increasing your target reach has now become simple and effortless.

Third Party Integrations

Depending on your requirements, the Qobrix CRM system can be integrated with a plethora of other systems such as a website, live chat system, telephony system, mail server, active directory, SMS gateways, mailchimp, business intelligence, as well as the back-office/ERP systems .Via our Integration Services, the Qobrix CRM system can become the focus point of your organisation.

Document Management

Whether pdf files, images, videos or custom files, Qobrix can be used for storing and processing documents required by your business as it provides both document management and versioning. The Qobrix API also allows for these files to be accessed by other systems.

Advanced Access Control

Qobrix CRM provides role-based security. When a user is assigned to one of these roles, they are assigned the set of privileges associated with that role. You can therefore limit permissions for sales people for example to only view their assigned leads and to not be able to export data from the system or be able to delete data.

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