A Real Estate CRM to Elevate Your Business

Maximize lead generation and conversion, nurture customer and partner relationships, access intelligent business insights, and boost sales with Qobrix Real Estate CRM. Benefit from advanced real estate tools to manage your property listings, generate marketing collateral, and integrate with popular MLS and real estate portals.

Focus on generating more sales

Manage your sales process with just a few simple steps. Qobrix Real Estate CRM separates your potential clients into Leads and Opportunities modules, giving your sales team the power to prioritise which leads need more attention. Categorise your leads by status and plan your sales activities accordingly, increasing your chances of closing that deal!


Manage all incoming real estate leads easily and quickly and help your sales team work more effectively.

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Record and track real estate opportunities throughout your sales process.

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Track offers and use smart filtering to monitor unsold properties and increase your chances of conversion.

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Generating more sales with Qobrix Real Estate CRM system
Organise your tasks and activities better with Qobrix Real Estate CRM by adding calls, tasks and viewings

Better organize your tasks and activities

Use Qobrix Real Estate CRM system to properly manage your tasks and activities and become more efficient and productive with your time. Record and monitor your entire call history, schedule viewings and follow-ups, plan your tasks and keep track of comments so that you have an entire overview of any client interactions.


List and track calls so you can monitor and modify your lead conversion strategy accordingly.

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Schedule viewings, assign related properties and record the outcome of each appointment.

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Create and assign tasks to team members, improving operational efficiencies and customer service.

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Record customer interactions and keep a full history of sales team engagements with customers.

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Keep track of your marketing efforts

Plan and execute your marketing strategy and monitor what works best for your real estate business by linking each lead to the appropriate campaign. Create instant property brochures, generated directly from Qobrix’s brochure creator to save your business time and money. Impress potential clients by following up with them through video emails, creating a positive feel for the properties they viewed with you.

Brochure creator

Save valuable time by instantly generating and distributing real estate marketing collateral.

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Email & SMS

View incoming and outgoing emails and SMS’s from your real estate CRM and monitor entire history without having to switch to separate apps.


Track the source of leads and monitor the performance of sales and marketing campaigns.

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Use the Brochure creator, Campaigns and email & sms functionalities to keep track of your marketing efforts in Qobrix real estate crm system
Add your properties, locations and match properties to leads through Qobrix Real Estate CRM

Manage your properties effortlessly

Add your properties with all the needed specifications through a user-friendly interface and always be up-to-date with their status. Upload media files and brochures per property and sync them directly with your website giving you the opportunity to use Qobrix as a CMS for basic information.


Import your entire property portfolio and streamline the process of managing your real estate property listings.

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Categorise and manage your property locations saving you valuable time when importing new properties to your real estate CRM.

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Property Matching

Match properties quickly and easily through smart filtering functionalities, improving sales response times.

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Promote your listings & boost sales

Give your properties a boost by adding them to global directories directly from your Real Estate CRM system. Qobrix has integrated with world renowned real estate property listings such as Zoopla, Trulia and RightMove thereby increasing your target reach simply and effortlessly. Also integrate with other 3rd party platforms like MailChimp, SMS gateways, Live Chat systems, Mail servers, Telephony systems, etc., to boost your sales efforts.


Generate leads from 3rd party sources and allow other websites to easily request information from the CRM.

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Integrate with real estate portals to promote your listings and other 3rd party platforms
Qobrix Real Estate CRM system provides valuable dashboards and reporting

Stay on top of business reporting

Use the extensive search functionality and generate a variety of different reports to help your business run smoother and improve the decision-making process. Track individual or team performance, monitor which marketing campaigns generate the most leads, view available properties and more.


Customise your dashboards to get a complete view of all your business activities.

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Advanced Search

Search for properties in your real estate CRM quickly and easily and save them for future reference.

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Deliver top quality after-sales support

Support your clients even after the sale is made. Keep all important, client related paperwork consolidated in one place and gain immediate access to it when needed. Enhance communication and solidify trust with your clients by giving them instant access to the Client portal, which showcases vital information including floor plans, progress photos, property images and more.


Manage clients, centralise customer data and provide a unique after sales experience to your customers.

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Client portal

Access floor plans, progress, contracts and financial statements pulled directly from its CRM system.

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Client contracts

Upload and manage all relevant documentation related to the purchase or sale of a client’s property.

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Add clients, provide access to the client portal and view client contracts from Qobrix Real Estate CRM

Real Estate CRM for

Qobrix for Property Developers

CRM for Property

Qualify leads to opportunities to drive sales; instantly share property information and marketing material with your agents; enforce advanced permissions per user or department; and monitor your sales pipeline with enhanced reporting capabilities.

Qobrix for Agents and Brokers

CRM for Real
Estate Agents

Enhance lead capturing and conversion; seamlessly integrate with real estate portals to promote property listings; customise dashboards and reporting; and generate branded marketing collateral to best promote your real estate business.

Qobrix for Asset Management Companies

CRM for Asset

Easily import large databases of properties; seamlessly integrate with real estate portals to boost visibility of assets; upload and manage all documents pertinent to a contract in one location; and tailor reports to get important business insights right from your CRM.