Sales & Marketing Automation

Qobrix is comprised of several Sales and Marketing Automation tools that help you manage the entire sales cycle effectively and efficiently, boosting sales and ROI.

An effortless, multi-system synergy. Built for Real Estate.

Enhance your Sales & Marketing Teams

Monitor Agent/Broker activities

With the Qobrix CRM Agent’s module, you can easily manage all data pertinent to Agents utilised by your real estate business. This includes uploaded Agent agreements, the percentage of agreed commissions, the type of Agent and which salesperson they are assigned to. You will then have the ability to link all your leads to the corresponding Agent and generate reports showing which Agents are generating the most leads for your business.

Centralise All Customer Data

Use the Qobrix CRM Client module to centralise and group important customer information in one location, giving you a complete overview of all your customers in real time. Once a deal has been won, simply convert your opportunity to create your new client and simultaneously sync the client contract with the purchased property.

With the Client Contracts module, upload and manage all relevant documentation related to the purchase or sale of a client’s property in one place. Manage your contacts easily and effortlessly through the Contacts module by linking them to corresponding leads, opportunities, projects, documents and other relational data.

Similarly, use the Organisations module to manage all contact data of other businesses or legal entities.

Track all sales & marketing campaigns

Use the Campaigns module to add and list all of your campaigns categorised by the type of sales or marketing campaign you wish to execute and keep a record of the planned budget and overall cost.

You can then monitor the performance of each campaign to understand which is generating the most leads and which campaigns haven’t been so successful.

Generate reports per campaign for your sales and marketing team to analyse and better understand where leads are originating from, how many are converting into sales and why others don’t.

Easily manage leads & opportunities

Use the Leads module to manage all incoming leads easily and quickly, prioritising those that need immediate attention. Categorise leads according to the criteria that best fits the needs of your business. Track leads through a variety of fields including lead source, lead status, lead type or next follow up date.

Use the Opportunities module to record and track opportunities throughout the sales process. Offering a variety of functionalities, the opportunities module allows you to segment every opportunity into specific groups which can then be tracked and managed based on where in the sales pipeline they are. In this way, your sales team will know where to focus their energy, improving their chances of closing a deal.

Real Estate professionals are likely having to track and manage multiple offers made on properties. Track all offers proposed by an opportunity for any particular property with the Offers tool.