Sales & Marketing Automation

Qobrix is comprised of several Sales and Marketing Automation tools that help you manage the entire sales cycle effectively and efficiently, boosting sales and ROI.

Monitor Agent/Broker activities

Use the Qobrix Agent’s module to easily manage all data pertinent to Agents utilised by your real estate business. This includes Agent agreements, agreed commissions, Agent type and which salesperson they are assigned to. Link all your leads to the corresponding Agent and generate reports showing which Agents are generating the most leads for your business.

Brokers & External agents

Agents & Brokers

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Centralise all customer data

Use Qobrix CRM software to centralise important customer information in one location, giving you a complete overview of all your customers in real time. Use the Leads module to track your entire sales pipeline and win more deals. Upload and manage any documentation related to the purchase or sale of a client’s property via the Agreements module. Use the Contacts & Organisations module to manage all contact data of any persons, businesses, or legal entities.

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Contacts & Organisations

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Track all sales & marketing campaigns

Use the Campaigns module to add all sales or marketing campaigns, and to keep a record of the planned budget and cost. Also monitor the performance of each campaign to identify those generating the most leads. Generate reports per campaign for your sales and marketing team. Establish where leads are originating from, how many are converting into sales and why others don’t.

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Manage leads & offers, easily

Use the Leads module to easily capture all qualified leads in the CRM and prioritise those that need immediate attention. Track where leads are in your sales pipeline by enquiry type, lead status or next follow up date. Use the Offers module to better manage offers made on any property listing to close more deals.


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