Real Estate VIP Portal

Qobrix’s Real Estate VIP Portal is a premium solution designed to better serve your top-tier clients by giving them prime access to selected properties.

A premium space for your top-tier clients.

VIP Access for Pre-Sales Service

The VIP Portal offers a carefully curated property portfolio to suit their purchasing criteria with favorite capabilities to save potential properties for purchase. With direct messaging features and access to a document management system for sharing offers, reservations, and contract documents, your VIP clients are guaranteed a superior customer experience.

A curated selection of properties

Recommended properties

With the Qobrix Real Estate VIP Portal, give top-tier clients premium access to a carefully curated property portfolio. Recommended properties are selected and assigned by the Real Estate User, allowing the VIP client to review and assess them. Provide your potential buyers with a recommended list of selected properties that match their requirements and ensure a superior customer experience.

Document management at the click of a button

Easy Access to Documents

The Qobrix Real Estate VIP Portal allows your exclusive clients to gain access to all relevant information at the click of a button. Documents can be shared with your VIP clients through the Document Management module of the VIP Portal. These include KYC documents, reservation agreements, property detail documents and more. With all paperwork readily available, your client will be equipped with the necessary information needed when making a purchase.

Save favorites in one place

Favorite Properties

VIP clients have the power to add favorites when searching, allowing for all selected properties to be saved in one place. By clicking on the heart icon, the property is saved in the favorites list. The list is updated in real time and shows the current price and availability of the property. With the Qobrix Real Estate VIP Portal, adding favorites will enhance the user experience and give clients control of their search history.

Properties that match their interests

Instantly view matching properties

Through smart filtering functionalities, an automated system allows VIP clients to instantly view matching properties with specifications that fit their requirements. This immediate matchmaking functionality streamlines and improves the search process.

Direct Messaging

Easy communication with agent

With the Qobrix Real Estate VIP Portal, your VIP customers can communicate with an agent at any moment in time. All messages are recorded in the system, accurately documenting the communication history between the client and agent making sure that opportunities are never lost.


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