Top 5 challenges facing Real Estate business today

Running a real estate business can be challenging. It’s a multifaceted process with several operational pain points that require solutions that allow you and your sales team to focus on other critical issues – generating leads, closing deals and increasing ROI. Let’s look at 5 key challenges facing real estate brokers today and how these can be addressed.

1. Onboarding new clients

Customer onboarding is one of the biggest challenges facing real estate. Onboarding is a critical part of the buyer journey as it’s a process that’s more than just getting a client to know and understand your product offering, it’s also about ensuring that you live up to the promise of what you said that product will deliver and that the client gets exactly what they signed up for. Many real estate brokers often fall victim to poor onboarding processes which include restrictive silos, poor internal communication, delays in reverting to customers, no centralised source of customer or sales related data, and more.

Automation is one way of creating a seamless onboarding journey that can be customised according to the needs of your customers and those of your real estate business. A smart CRM platform like Qobrix for instance will centralise important data, speeding up access to this information – ensuring that client requests are dealt with timeously. Operational procedures are also streamlined, giving your sales team the time and ability to properly manage the entire onboarding process, from lead generation to lead conversion and beyond.

2. Analytics and insights

Knowing how your business is performing is critical to maintain profitable. Whether this be the impact of marketing campaigns on increasing sales, your team’s overall ability to close deals, the status of your listings, and so forth – you need access to relevant reports or metrics that can provide you with this information. Qobrix’s CRM system has advanced search functionalities and can generate multiple reports, providing your business with the ability to measure all marketing, customer and sales activities. This includes tracking individual or team performance, monitoring which marketing campaigns generate the most enquiries, identifying where in the buyer’s journey your customers are at, view available properties and more.

3. Third party integrations

Managing several stand-alone systems or applications manually can become a very slow, cumbersome task that is susceptible to significant human error. From monitoring email or telephony communication, juggling multiple calendars, managing customer contacts or a website, tracking sales activities – there a myriad of activities that if handled ineffectively, can have a serious impact on your business. Depending on your requirements, the Qobrix CRM system can be integrated with a plethora of other systems such as a website, live chat system, telephony system, mail server, active directory, SMS gateways, MailChimp, business intelligence, as well as the back-office/ERP systems. Via our Integration Services, the Qobrix CRM system can become the focus point of your organisation thus eliminating the challenges your real estate business could face.

4. Property and documents management

Running a real estate business comes with it the task of properly managing not only your properties but also the many documents that are generated because of the nature of this industry. The Qobrix platform enables you to add your properties with all the needed specifications through a user-friendly interface and always be up to date with their status. You can upload media files and brochures per property and sync them directly with your website giving you the opportunity to use Qobrix as a CMS for basic information. Further, whether pdf files, images, videos or custom files, Qobrix can be used for storing and processing documents required by your business as it provides both document management and versioning. The Qobrix API also allows for these files to be accessed by other systems.

5. Optimising interactions through technology

Real estate technology has become a vital necessity to be able to manage customer and agent interactions in a way that benefits your business. The Qobrix CRM system for example has become the go-to platform for several real estate firms for this reason, particularly for its ability to provide automatic feeds to client and agent portals, simplifying communications between the client, agent and property developer.

Qobrix is probably the most complete real estate CRM System in the market today. From the moment a lead is created, until well into the after-sales lifecycle, the Qobrix CRM System assists with every step in the process. From viewing hot leads, determining the most productive sources, generating specific property brochures, uploading client agreements, or analysing what types of properties are in demand, the Qobrix CRM System delivers effortlessly.

In this post we have identified 5 challenges facing Real Estate industry today. If you need further information, an answer to a specific question, or would like to have a video call, please contact us via the form here or by email on [email protected].