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Ideal for agents, property developers and asset managers looking for a leading Real Estate CRM System, innovative portals and an enhanced web presence.
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What makes Qobrix Real Estate Software so unique

You will benefit from a comprehensive, end-to-end real estate CRM system, an advanced Agent Portal, an innovative Client Portal, a unique bulk website generator, and enhanced web visibility.
Qobrix Real Estate Software Products - CRM

Real Estate CRM

A Real Estate CRM System to help you capture and manage leads, nurture relationships, automate your marketing processes, and manage your property listings.
Qobrix Real Estate Software Products - Agent Portal

Agent Portal

Help your Brokers/External Agents monitor your property listings, register and track leads, and access all documentation and marketing collateral to speed up the sales process.
Qobrix Real Estate Software Products - Client Portal

Client Portal

Provide your clients with high-quality after-sales support including access to their floor plans, site plans, property images, progress photos, contracts, financial statements and more.
Qobrix Real Estate Software Products - Bulk Website Builder

Bulk Website Builder

Generate multiple landing pages or websites in minutes for your agents and/or brokers, properly branded and ready to use.
Qobrix Real Estate Software Products - Real Estate Websites

Real Estate Websites

Customised websites to showcase your properties, boost your online presence, and easily managed through seamless integration with Qobrix.

Manage your Real Estate Business effortlessly

From lead tracking to opportunity management, listing properties, following-up and closing sales, Qobrix Real Estate Software assists with every step of the process.
Adding real estate listings through Qobrix Real Estate Software

Add your real estate listings

Add your entire real estate portfolio to your CRM including property photos, floor plans, specifications, location, pertinent documentation including brochures, energy efficiency certificates and more. Integrate your website with your CRM so updates made to properties on the CRM automatically reflect on your site, avoiding duplication of effort. Integrate with real estate portals and marketplaces to promote your listings to a global audience with the push of a button.

Capture leads and match properties to them

Capture new leads either manually through a user-friendly CRM interface or automatically from your Real Estate website and digital marketing campaigns. Automatically match properties to leads based on property requirements (type, budget, number of bedrooms, location, etc.). Generate branded property brochures instantly for these matching properties and email them directly to your client from the CRM System. When you are ready, convert your hot leads to opportunities and schedule those all-important viewings.
Qobrix Real Estate Software helps you capture leads and match properties
Adding activities through Qobrix Real Estate Platform

Keep track of all your activities

With the Qobrix CRM System, you can track all activities associated with a client over the sales lifecycle. View emails exchanged, add tasks and calls, schedule viewings and document their outcome. Exchange comments with colleagues and send SMS messages or emails to clients directly from the system. View all activities in a simple interface that will allow you to immediately understand the status of a potential client. Add even more automation by integrating your VOIP system with your CRM and then click to call clients.

Provide friendly portals for your Clients and Agents

Use the Client Portal to simplify communication with clients by granting them immediate and easy access to important property information, including their floor plans, progress photos, contracts, and payments due. Through the Agent Portal, provide your agents with their own personal space to access sales and marketing collateral and property information like presentations, photographs, brochures and other branded or unbranded promotional material. Agents can register leads via the portal and view successful wins and associated documentation.
Qobrix provides friendly portals for Clients and Agents
Bridge YourHome Real Estate Website
PropertyPins Real Estate Website
Property Book Real Estate Website

Enhance your web presence

With the unique Qobrix Bulk Website Builder, you can instantly generate landing pages, individual project or property websites, or branded websites for your agents or brokers. Use custom domains and build websites without any technical knowledge required. You can also use our website design and development services to build your main website that will be fully integrated with the CRM System and will be customised to reflect your brand identity throughout.

A Real Estate Software platform designed to assist real estate professionals

Qobrix is the ideal software for Property Developers, Agents, Brokers and Asset Management companies.
Qobrix Software for Property Developers


Automate sales activities and workflows; simplify communication with clients and external agents; and easily monitor the status of your projects and properties.
Qobrix software for Agents and Brokers

Brokers &
External Agents

Automate your marketing activities, manage your property listings, and seamlessly integrate your website with the CRM to keep all property listings synced.
Qobrix software for Asset Management Companies

Asset Management

Handle large portfolios of assets; boost online visibility of properties through a customised website; centralise sales activities; and efficiently manage your contracts.

Grow your Real Estate Business with Qobrix

Our plans have been designed to meet your needs and help you grow no matter what the size of your business.


Ideal for small businesses and/or start-ups. Provides essential features to streamline complex workflows, nurture leads and opportunities, manage property listings, and boost sales.
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Suitable for medium to large organisations. Delivers the tools to optimise lead management, comprehensively manage property listings, track sales activities, integrate with popular real estate portals, and monitor user permissions.
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A customizable plan tailored to the specific requirements of your enterprise. Offers additional systems like the innovative Client and Agents portals, and unique Finance Management functionalities.
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