How to improve customer experience

Dec 28, 2020

improve customer experience

Improving customer experience is an ongoing activity. It is particularly vital to the success of your real estate business because of the massive role it plays in impacting buyer behaviour. In fact, according to a global PwC survey regarding customer experience:

  • 73% of all people point to customer experience as an important factor in their purchasing decisions.
  • 42% would pay more for a friendly, welcoming experience.
  • 65% find a positive experience with a brand to be more influential than great advertising.

“Customer experience can include a lot of elements, but it really boils down to the perception the customer has of your brand. Even if you think your brand and customer experience is one thing, if the customer perceives it as something different, that is what the actual customer experience is.” Forbes

In this blog, we look at how to improve customer experience using the features your real estate CRM should offer.

1. Dashboards, reporting and analytics

Real estate CRM software like Qobrix enables you to pull multiple reports which can be customised according to the KPI’s you want to measure. For e.g., use customer service reports to help you establish how employees are interacting with customers. Analyse sales by employee reports to identify how much revenue each member of your sales team is generating. Draw a sales funnel report to show you the speed at which your customers are moving through the buying journey. Generate sales activities reports to see what activities are being undertaken by your sales team and the success of their efforts. These insights will enhance workflows and help you identify areas for improvement in regard to service delivery, boosting customer experience.

Learn more about Qobrix CRM dashboards here.

2. Customer Queries and Complaints

Qobrix CRM software gives your sales and customer service teams the ability to record comments pertaining to customer interactions. These comments may be in regard to queries or even complaints that customers have. Monitor them in in real time to help you resolve issues quickly and easily. The Qobrix system also gives you the option to log calls so you know what customers are saying about your business. Use this information to gain valuable insights and implement the changes needed to improve customer experience.

Find out more about the Qobrix CRM Calls and Comments features.

3. Targeted sales and marketing campaigns

Your CRM can provide you with a ton of data about leads and customers. The Qobrix real estate CRM system is designed to collect and store data in real time, including conversations and customer activities. This data can tell you much about where in the buying journey those customers are.

Knowing where in the buying journey consumers are at gives you the ability to segment similar customers into specific groups. Target these groups with tailored sales and marketing email campaigns, newsletters, company updates, etc. Use each campaign to communicate specific messages that resonate and address the needs of each group. This ensures that you are conveying the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Provide content that is relevant, informative, and valuable to boost engagement. Personalise communication to help you build trust and authority. Doing this, you’ll likely improve customer experience.

Discover more about the Qobrix CRM campaigns module here.

4. Centralised data

Customers contact your business in multiple ways, be this via email, social media, website form, customer support tickets, and more. Centralising all the data that you collect through those entry points in your CRM system reduces the need to search around for information. You have one place that your entire organisation can access any time they need, making it easier to assist the customer. In addition, contact records can also be added and updated in one place (your CRM), eliminating the need for multiple systems (e.g., excel, Word, etc) that often results in lost or incorrect data.

Making data accessible in one location which is always available to access enables your teams to respond to customers more quickly and efficiently. This ensures a more consistent customer experience for anyone that engages with your business.

5. Client portal

Qobrix’s real estate client portal has been built to help you provide a top-quality service directly to your customers. The portal is easy to use with simple navigation and a user-friendly interface. Use the portal to provide customers with fast and secure access to all vital documentation regarding their property. This includes floor plans, property images, progress images, contracts, service statements, etc. With it, communicate with customers after a sale has been concluded (after-sales support) as well. Having the ability to provide this level of service and convenience will help improve customer experience significantly.


The way a customer experiences your business is largely impacted by the service they receive from you. Start your Free Trial of Qobrix’s real estate platform to help you improve this experience.

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