4 Ways a Real Estate CRM can Increase Sales

Oct 31, 2019 | Featured, General

Effective lead conversion, customer retention and operational efficiency are key drivers for business growth and profitability in what has become a very competitive global real estate market. It stands to reason then that real estate businesses are looking for ways to improve significantly in these areas. Consequently, CRM solutions are increasing in popularity in the real estate industry that relies heavily on converting leads, retentive customer relationships and agile business productivity to increase sales and achieve ROI.

Companies worldwide are looking to real estate software and smart CRM products like Qobrix to address the complex operational workflow of the real estate industry, to manage the sales process in just a few easy steps, to simplify communications with leads and to properly manage customer interactions.

So how exactly do CRM platforms deliver these benefits to real estate firms in practice? Why should your company invest in a solution that will help it meet these critical business objectives?


1. Retentive customer relationships

Communication is key in managing customer relationships. Communicating in a way that is instant, as is expected in today’s fast-paced digital market, is critical. To achieve this, you need a CRM much like Qobrix that will provide the tools to automate the collection of and then centralise customer data, so that it is quickly accessible by your entire sales team, when they need it, in real time. The data needs to be accurate (with no duplicates) to avoid wasting time filtering through it, and informative (for instance, record birthdays and other notable occasions), so that it can be used by your team to establish personal relationships with customers, boost sales and enhance client retention.

Qobrix CRM also provides you with customisable marketing and campaign tools to inform your customers of all upcoming real estate offers, company news and industry updates. Communication through these channels can be personalised, increasing engagement and brand awareness, creating loyal customers and generating sales.


2. Better Lead Conversion

Making sales is critical in order to achieve profitability is critical for any real estate business. A CRM system like Qobrix separates your potential clients into leads and opportunities modules, giving your sales team the ability to prioritise which enquiries need more attention. Large amounts of customer data can be categorised, centralised and shared with team members. Enquiries can sorted by status, paperwork can be consolidated in one place, the outcome of a call to a customer can be documented, follow up appointments can be automated and tracked, all of which contribute to successfully converting leads into sales opportunities, and to closing deals – maximising your bottom line. A real estate CRM like Qobrix can also be customised to the needs of your business, operational workflows and communication processes, optimising your sales cycle and increasing sales.


3. Personalised customer support

If one considers the competitiveness of today’s real estate market, keeping customers happy is vital to closing deals. And today’s customers are smarter than they’ve ever been. They typically know what they want and are stringent in how they choose the company want to help them achieve their objectives. As a result, authentic human interaction has become key. For your sales team to be able to provide a personalised service that ensures an emotive human touch, they need to have access to the tools and information that will make this possible. This is what makes an innovative CRM solution like Qobrix a great option. It provides you with multiple functionalities to generate a number of different reports, that will provide your team with crucial customer insights to optimise the customer experience, not only during the onboarding process, but also once the lead has been converted into an opportunity and after a sale has been made.


4. Better and Faster Decisions

Having the ability to make quick decisions so as to meet organisational objectives is vital to the operational efficiency and success of your real estate business. For this to be made possible, you need a CRM solution with reporting functionalities and customer analytics that are up to date, at any given moment, giving you a real-time overview of where your business and sales team are at. You also need CRM software that can track individual or team performance and monitor which marketing campaigns generate the most enquiries, so that you can act, where necessary, to ensure profits and sales remain high.

Schedule a DEMO of the Qobrix CRM and find out how we can help your real estate business achieve its objectives, and those of all stakeholders.

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