3 Ways a CRM can improve customer retention for your Real Estate business

There are several benefits to your real estate business using a CRM, particularly when it comes to providing support and improving your customer retention efforts. A technology driven CRM platform like Qobrix for instance offers several functionalities that address the complex operational workflows of the real estate industry, streamline processes, drive better customer interactions and build effective, long-term customer relationships.

“64% of customers say that providing an excellent customer experience strengthens their loyalty”.

So, what are the ways in which a CRM can help your sales team turn qualified leads into customers that will stay loyal to your business?

1. Before and after sales support

A CRM like Qobrix can help you support your clients during the sales process and after the sale has been completed by consolidating all vital client-related information and documentation in one place, with real-time access when required. By centralising this data, the handling of customer queries and issues by all team members becomes more efficient with quicker response and resolution times, thereby reducing the risk of customer frustration and improving the potential for increasing sales and boosting revenue. The history of all customer interactions can also be easily recalled, providing important insights so that customers can be given the answers they need fast, enhancing channels of future communication and improving ongoing customer service.

2. Dashboard, reporting and data management

You want a CRM that can manage your sales team efficiently throughout the sales process. Qobrix CRM can track individual or team performance and generate multiple reports to help your business run smoother and improve the decision-making process. Further, with the overwhelming amount of information added daily to your CRM, the risk of data being duplicated and becoming messy increases. This can be detrimental to your business if not managed effectively as it can lead to loss of revenue and result in the inability to properly forecast. Qobrix can help your team manage contacts and detect all duplicate entries with the contact field of your choice. Once identified, you then have the choice to delete, merge or disregard the duplicate entry. With these simple steps, information becomes less clumsy, easier to access and navigate, and improves your team’s ability to better manage their customer relationships, enhancing retention and ROI in the process.

3. Data driven decisions and solutions

A CRM is a valuable tool for generating quality data that can provide holistic insights on your customers. Using Qobrix CRM, metrics can be monitored and analysed continuously, in real time, and the figures derived from this data can then be utilised to make informed business decisions and to implement strategic solutions. In addition, the data derived from the CRM can also help management illustrate progress to stakeholders, making staffing or internal workflow changes easier to apply. The benefits to this are multiple, not only to managers or executives but also to employees. Accountability improves as it is backed by data, processes and procedures can be optimised and streamlined, and the potential for your sales team to improve their performance due to improved insights through data increases significantly. As a result, customer interactions become better and retention efforts achieve positive outcomes.

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