Improving the Customer Experiencing Using your CRM System

Dec 18, 2019 | General, Top Featured

Using a CRM system is one of the most effective ways of improving the customer experience, a critical component for achieving success in business. Afterall, the way in which a customer experiences your brand impacts customer retention, lowers churn, increases customer satisfaction, boosts ROI and establishes engaging customer interactions and relationships.

So how does one use a CRM to improve the customer experience?

1. Better, more effective communication

Marketing automation offers a more optimal way to communicate with your customers. A CRM system like Qobrix for instance comes with a variety of built in automated marketing functionalities that simplify the way you can keep in touch with clients. This includes third party integrations with systems like MailChimp, SMS gateways, mail servers, and more, which provide an effortless way to send your customers regular emails or SMS’s automatically, be this in the form of marketing collateral for increased brand awareness, a newsletter informing them of new properties, an email inviting them to an event, personalised birthday or holiday wishes, and so forth. Choosing what marketing automation features to use to improve customer experience is entirely up to you and what you hope to achieve to ensure that your overall business objectives are met.

2. Personalised content tailored to customer segments

According to research on consumer email habits:

  • Consumers still prefer brands to communicate via email with more than half (52.7%) of those surveyed in the U.S. checking their personal email account more than 10 times a day
  • 27% stated that they wanted more content sent to them that is more personalized to their interests and preferences.
  • Top reasons for consumers to open an email from a brand are if the subject lines are personalised (65%) and if they’re being offered a discount (72%)

An innovative CRM system like Qobrix can generate several different reports to provide you with critical insights on your customers to be able market effectively to them. Qobrix can monitor which marketing campaigns generate the most enquiries for example, which helps you understand what information customers are looking for. In turn, this enables you to serve even more relevant content in future campaigns. Qobrix also allows you to segment your customers so that you can send targeted, more personalised content, to each group. This creates a sense of authenticity and rapport, motivating your customer to open the email and making a more positive customer experience more likely.


3. Client retention through consistent customer service

Consistency is key to creating a customer experience that converts into a loyal, long-lasting customer relationship. A CRM system can help you achieve this by automating processes that will keep you on top of all customer touch points. Qobrix can streamline your sales process by giving your sales team the power to prioritise which enquiries need more attention, categorise your enquiries by status, document the outcome of your last call, schedule your next follow-up date and increase your chances of making a sale by ensuring no query is missed. Qobrix will also help support your clients after the sale is made by consolidating and centralising all customer related data and paperwork into one place, giving your team access to vital information and insights in real time so that they can provide a more consistent, high-quality service, improving the experience that customers have with your brand.

Qobrix is probably the most complete real estate CRM System in the market today. From the moment a lead is created, until well into the after-sales lifecycle, the Qobrix CRM system assists with every step in the process. From viewing hot leads, determining the most productive sources, generating specific property brochures, uploading client contracts, or analysing what types of properties are in demand, the Qobrix CRM System delivers effortlessly.

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