Getting Your Employees Onboard with Your New CRM

Dec 5, 2019

Improving your Employees Onboarding with Your New CRM

A CRM platform is a great resource from which your employees can benefit significantly, provided you convince them to get onboard with the system. Anything new takes times to get used to and not everyone adapts at the same pace. So here are some of the ways that you can persuade your employees that your new CRM has the power to transform your business and streamline workflows, enabling them to focus on what’s important, building long-lasting customer relationships, converting leads, making sales and boosting ROI.

User experience is key

You want to make sure that your choice of CRM is one that is easy to implement and simple to use. Not everyone will be happy with having to learn something new, but it becomes that much harder onboarding your employees that your choice of solution is the correct one if it’s too difficult to navigate. A CRM system is there to streamline workflows across your organisation, not create bigger hurdles.

Ensure employees receive CRM training

As with anything new, you must ensure that your employees receive the proper time and right training to feel confident enough to use your new CRM. Not everyone loves technology or software so make sure to select the type of training that will meet the needs of the people your company is comprised of.

Create a step-by-step user manual

Create a user manual that all your employees understand and include all the steps that are critical for the proper operation of your business. In the training session, inform employees across all departments of the guidelines so that you achieve uniformity in terms of CRM usage. The manual needs to be easy enough so that your teams can find what they need in the new CRM system as quickly as possible.

Communicate your CRM strategy

It’s all good and well implementing a CRM platform that you know will transform your business, your employees need to understand the benefits too. Be clear as to how you foresee work processes changing and operational efficiencies increasing as a result of the new CRM and work together with your team to establish clear goals to ensure a successful transition. Remember also though that most important of all is implementing a strategy in which the client plays an integral part.

Get everyone onboard not just employees

Show your employees that through the centralisation of business processes, they will acquire a holistic understanding of the entire organisation, gaining insights into teams and departments that they otherwise might never have had. This is one of the primary advantages that a CRM solution offers, bringing people and teams closer together and encouraging cross-team collaboration.

Choose the right vendor

Who you purchase your CRM software from is as important as the product itself because at some point, you will encounter features you may not understand, technical issues you can’t solve or critical questions you need answered. You also want to ensure that your CRM remains up-to-date and functions properly all the time. This means choosing a vendor who is available to provide assistance you when you need it and has the expertise to ensure that your CRM remains fully optimised so that your business is not impacted.

Qobrix is probably the most complete real estate CRM System in the market today. From the moment a lead is created, until well into the after-sales lifecycle, the Qobrix CRM System assists with every step in the process. From viewing hot leads, determining the most productive sources, generating specific property brochures, uploading client contracts, or analysing what types of properties are in demand, the Qobrix CRM System delivers effortlessly.

If you need further information, an answer to a specific question, or would like to have a video call, please contact us via the form here or by email on hello@qobrix.com.

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