How the right Real Estate software can benefit your business

Mar 1, 2020

How the right Real Estate Software can benefit your business

​Choosing the most optimal real estate software has multiple benefits, but mostly it will help you manage business and customer processes and workflows seamlessly, reducing wasted time on unnecessary tasks and improving operational efficiencies.

The right real estate CRM software does this through the centralisation and automation of vital business functions, as well as sales and marketing activities, so that you can focus on business growth and decision making.

Benefits of Real Estate software

Managing and tracking data

A good real estate CRM makes the real-time management and tracking of large volumes of data and marketing metrics easier. This data can be quickly segmented into leads, opportunities and actual customers, giving your sales team the insights needed to establish targeted channels of communication at all stages of the buyer’s journey. This allows them to become more strategically focused on lead conversion, concluding deals and upselling, thereby maximising sales and improving profitability.

Reports and analytics

Another way in which the right real estate CRM will benefit your business is the software’s ability to generate the reports you need, in the format you want, so that you can properly measure metrics pertaining to key business functions.

For a real estate business this commonly refers to the performance of your sales team, the outcome of marketing activities (so that you can modify immediately), the status of your property listings, where in pipeline your leads and opportunity are at, the efficiency of internal workflows and business processes, etc. Real time access to this live data gives you an overview of your business at any point in time and gives you the ability to make rapid and informed business decisions, improving return on investment.

Integration of systems

Using manual applications or stand-alone systems to manage operational, sales and marketing processes and procedures, monitor email correspondence or telephone communications or juggle different calendars can be a tedious affair and open to significant human error. Real estate CRM software like Qobrix can solve this challenge in that it can be integrated with a variety of systems like your telephony and live chat systems, SMS gateways, website, mail server, MailChimp, business intelligence, as well as the back-office/ERP systems – to become the go-to focal resource for everyone across your organisation.

Managing property listings and MLS integrations

You want real estate CRM software that will enable you to easily manage your property listings easily. Qobrix real estate software does this by enabling you to add your properties with all the needed specifications through a user-friendly interface and always be up to date with their status. Further, Qobrix also gives you the ability to add your properties to global directories directly from the CRM, integrating with world renowned property listings (MLS) platforms such as Zoopla, Zillow and RightMove simply and effortlessly, expanding your target reach.

Documents management

Real estate CRM software should be able to simplify the process of managing the large volume of documentation generated by the sheer nature of the real estate industry. Whether pdf files, images, videos or custom files, Qobrix can be used for storing and processing documents required by your business as it provides both document management and versioning. The Qobrix API also allows for these files to be accessed by other systems.

To find out more about why Qobrix is the right real estate CRM software for your real estate business, start a free trial or request a demo.

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