Using your Real Estate CRM to create effective email campaigns

Mar 25, 2020 | CRM, General

Marketing to your target audience today requires the help of marketing automation tools.

Marketing automation is essentially a technology that streamlines marketing processes and campaigns, enabling you to reach a large volume of people across multiple channels, automatically. It removes the time-consuming component that underlines most manual procedures in that one campaign can be sent to targeted groups of customers with just one click, be this by email, text or social.

Marketing automation is used by marketing and sales teams in organisations to automate online marketing and sales activities, increasing efficiency, driving lead generation and nurturing, and boosting revenue. If done right, automation reduces human error and frees up time for employees to focus on other critical matters.

So how can your real estate CRM software help you in automating key email marketing campaigns?


1. Use the data in your CRM to segment your target audiences

Your CRM system contains a wealth of information on customers, enabling you to divide those customers into groups based on common characteristics. They could be hot or old leads, property buyers, property sellers, first-time homebuyers, etc. Use your CRM software to segment your contacts according to specific customer groups based on where they are in the sales pipeline and then create content that meets their specific real estate needs.

One of the most important modules for customer acquisition, customer retention and business opportunities, the Contacts Module in the Qobrix Real Estate CRM system records and filters the contact details of all individuals or organisations with whom your real estate enterprise does business with.


2. Create content that answers the questions your audiences are asking

Now that you know who you’re marketing to, create content that appeals to each specific audience, based on where in the sales pipeline they are at. Emails should be personalised to address the needs of each group of customers so as to drive lead generation, lead conversion and increase the chances of concluding a sale.

Qobrix Real Estate CRM software can be integrated with multiple systems including Mailchimp. You can sync your contacts to corresponding lists (groups of customers) in your Mailchimp account, making it easy to connect with the right people, with the right content, when you need to.

3. Analyse the data

Mailchimp provides you with the insights needed to measure how each email campaign has performed. Based on the analytics the platform offers, you are better able to adapt your message to each audience segment so that you get better results with each campaign.

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