Marketing automation and Real Estate CRM software

Marketing to homebuyers today requires the help of powerful marketing automation tools.

There are several important reasons why. Marketing automation helps to streamline marketing processes and campaigns. It enables you to reach a large volume of people, automatically, where they are at, and it reduces time-consuming manual procedures.

Marketing automation is also used by real estate marketing and sales teams to automate vital sales and marketing activities. As a result, efficiencies increase, giving your agents more time to focus on critical tasks like nurturing leads and boosting sales.

If you are an agent looking to optimise your marketing, look to CRM software that offers the necessary marketing automation tools. This is what we’ll take a closer look at in today’s blog.

Table of Contents

  1. Customer segmentation
  2. Marketing automation and email marketing
  3. Automated property brochure creator
  4. Marketing automation and SMS messaging
  5. Marketing automation and Facebook integration
  6. Bulk website builder

1. Customer segmentation

CRM software typically contains extensive data on your customers in one central location. This makes it easier to divide those customers into groups based on common characteristics. Examples of groups include hot or cold leads, buyers, sellers, first-time homebuyers, etc.

Use your CRM software to further segment your specific customer groups based on where they are in the sales pipeline. Then create marketing campaigns that meet their specific real estate needs.

The Contacts & Organisations Module is one of the most important Qobrix CRM modules for customer acquisition and boosting sales. With it, you can quickly and easily record and filter the contact details and requirements of all individuals or organisations with whom your agent’s do business. This data makes you better equipped to start thinking about how to communicate with them as people with common needs, instead of abstract lists of telephone numbers or addresses.

2. Marketing automation and email marketing

Once you’ve identified who you are marketing to, you’ll be better able to create content that appeals to each customer group. This should be based on customer needs or where your customers are at in your sales pipeline to drive lead conversion and sales. Once you’ve established the type of content to distribute, create the necessary email campaigns to send to your target audiences.

Qobrix Real Estate CRM software offers agents the ability to send emails to customers directly from the CRM. In fact, with the software’s ability to quickly match properties to leads based on property specifications and client needs, your agent can choose which properties to email to leads through the CRM in seconds. This reduces reliance on external email systems to communicate with customers.

Qobrix CRM software can also be integrated with automated email platforms like MailChimp, making it easy to send multiple targeted email campaigns to the predefined customer groups, as and when you need to.

3. Automated property brochure creator

In real estate, visual collateral is key in promoting your property listings. This includes brochures and leaflets that can beautifully showcase your real estate portfolio.

Qobrix offers an automated brochure creator that requires no technical expertise to use. Your agents can choose from a selection of free, ready-made templates that are easily customisable with your company’s branding. Content can be easily added, and the brochure or leaflet generated instantly.

Before sending the brochure to clients, it can be previewed, and any changes can be quickly made, where necessary. Agents can email the brochure to a client through the CRM, adding to it their name and contact details.

4. Marketing automation and SMS messaging

Customised text (SMS) messaging is another way to market to specific customer groups. Text message marketing is typically more personal than other forms of marketing, and an effective way of engaging with qualified leads. Through SMS marketing, you’re also meeting your customers where they are (on their smartphones), providing a way to create more meaningful connections. [source]

For agents using Qobrix CRM software, they can go to the lead record in the CRM, go to activities and send an SMS directly to the lead about anything. This SMS is recorded in the lead and can be viewed by any other authorised system user.

5. Marketing automation and Facebook integration

Social media marketing is an integral part of any marketing strategy today, regardless of industry. In fact, for real estate, the use of social media channels has become key in showcasing property listings to a global audience. If one considers that most homebuyers today look for a property online, ensuring your properties look good, wherever they are published on the internet, is critical.

Further, social media platforms have undoubtedly become powerful lead generating tools for real estate professionals worldwide. Having the ability to track and respond to those incoming leads quickly and easily is essential to successfully convert leads and make more sales. Qobrix CRM software for instance can integrate with Facebook Lead Ads via Zapier. This means all incoming leads generated through your Facebook ads are automatically recorded in the CRM so they can be contacted by your sales agents straight away.

6. Landing Page Creator

In one of our most recent articles, we wrote that according to Statista, in 2021 “the internet was highly used for home searches in the United States. About 99 percent of home buyers between the ages of 23 and 56 used the internet to find homes in their home buying process.”

This means that to be successful as a realtor today, one requires a strong web presence to properly promote their property listings. Qobrix’s unique Landing Page Creator is a powerful marketing automation tool. With it, you can create 100s of branded websites and landing pages in minutes to promote properties or projects. The landing page creator is easy to use, with no technical knowledge or design expertise required. There are several high-quality templates to choose from which can be properly branded and to which your logo, featured images and text can be easily added.

To learn more about Qobrix and the tools it provides real estate professionals to convert leads more effectively and increase property sales, schedule a FREE demo with our sales team here.