7 Reasons why your real estate business needs a CRM

It’s likely you’ve heard the phrase CRM (Customer Relationship Management) being thrown about, particularly if you’re a business owner or a decision maker in an organisation. This is because most enterprises today understand that in order to succeed in what is a highly competitive global market, managing customer relationships efficiently and effectively is key. The decision to then implement a system that will support this makes sense.

CRM’s are becoming a vital tool for businesses operating in multiple sectors, not least of all real estate – an industry which is based fundamentally on customer service, lead generation, and the ability of your sales team to close a deal.


But what exactly is a CRM system and what does it do?

Simply put, it’s a platform or piece of software that helps you manage customer relationships. It intelligently centralises all data relating to the customer lifecycle so that you can see where those customers are at in their buying journey at any point in time. It is an indispensable tool for generating and nurturing leads and increases sales efficiency, providing your sales force with crucial insights to be able to conclude a sale. A CRM can also serve as a strategic marketing tool and build brand awareness.

Qobrix Real Estate CRM integrates all these components into one winning solution.


So why does your real estate business need a CRM?

1. You’re struggling to manage your customer data

For the longest time, you’ve been relying on word documents and excel spreadsheets to record customer data. Accessing this data has become a game of hide and seek, opening and closing files until you find the right report, wasting time that could instead be spent on nurturing leads or focusing on vital customer interactions. A CRM system can centralise this information, so that it is always accessible to every part of your organisation.

2. You want to boost sales but aren’t properly tracking leads

The process of separating potential clients into leads or opportunities has been a manual one. The problem is everyone in your organisation is working off different, decentralised lists making it difficult to track the data.

Watch how Qobrix helps you manage your contacts and categorise leads and opportunities to improve sales effectiveness.

3. You want to know what your salespeople are doing

An optimal CRM system will allow your sales team to upload all necessary data quickly and easily so that you and they can access the information at any time, increasing your ability to monitor leads, sales and relationship management activities, make informed decisions where necessary, and acquire a general overview of how your business is running.

4. You want to improve customer service

Trying to manage client queries or deal with complaints has become a considerable burden because you are using outdated manual processes, and customer service is suffering. Automation is key if you want a proper pool of information that can be accessed immediately, and that provides a detailed overview of the customer in real time so that you can address their needs, enhance the customer experience, and help your sales team close more deals.

5. Your traditional marketing efforts aren’t working

How we market to customers today has evolved significantly. Traditional marketing efforts are becoming ineffective, especially if they aren’t being personalised to target specific audiences or if they don’t make use of digital platforms to reach those audiences where they are. Marketing automation has become critical and a good CRM solution can help you execute varied campaigns that can be segmented to specific groups of customers, quickly and more importantly, effectively.

Take a glance at how Qobrix can help you improve operational efficiency, service to customers and marketing efforts.

6. You want to generate reports faster

Generating reports has become a lengthy process, eating into your time because of a lack of system integration or centralisation of information. You want all data in one place, and you want to be able to print it or send it to a colleague or client in multiple formats. The Qobrix dashboards provide instantaneous and dynamic snapshots of your business at any point, allowing you to analyse the data and make informed decisions.

7. You aren’t sure if your business can scale up

You want your business to grow but aren’t confident that it can cope with an influx of new customers. You realise that your current processes and procedures will not enable your business to scale optimally. Qobrix can be tailored to tackle any issues as they arise while your business is expanding, satisfying your most complex organisational requirements.

Are you ready for a CRM solution?

If any of these points sounded even a little familiar, then probably you need to implement a CRM solution for your real estate business. Request a free DEMO or start a free trial and learn how Qobrix can help you make more sales and grow your business strategically.