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Use our unique Real Estate landing page creator to quickly create hundreds of branded websites and landing pages for your properties and projects

Create multiple landing pages. Quickly.

To boost lead generation and conversion, use the Qobrix landing page creator to build multiple branded websites for your agents, realtors, projects, and properties.


Agent websites

Generate branded real estate websites for Agents to promote your properties while you control all the information through the CRM.


Project websites

Create unique websites for each of your projects directly from the CRM and show all project information, including any related properties.


Property websites

Promote unique properties with a dedicated website to increase lead generation and highlight the property’s essential features.


Landing Pages

Create simple landing pages with multiple features, a contact form, and A/B testing capabilities to complement your marketing campaigns.

Generate websites in seconds

Use our landing page creators’ intuitive user interface to instantly create a website from the CRM. No design or technical skills required!

Real Estate Bulk Website Builder -Generate websites in seconds
Build HTTPS secure websites

HTTPS Secure Website

All websites generated include an HTTPS SSL certificate to ensure your website is secure.

Use custom branding

Use your branding to completely control the look and feel of your generated website. Easily add logos, feature images, and headlines to enhance the user experience.

Use custom branding for your website
High-quality themes to choose from

High-quality themes to choose from

Choose from a variety of premium templates to better suit your property website or agent landing page.

Real-time updates of properties

Update property listings in your CRM and instantly see the changes reflected in your website.

Real-time updates of properties
Use a custom domain for your website

Use a custom domain

Use custom domains for your generated websites to enhance their credibility and help with SEO.

Take advantage of marketing integrations

To improve website performance, choose from a variety of tools including Google Analytics, Hotjar, and Google Tag Manager.

Take advantage of marketing integrations
Manage and test your website content through Qobrix website builder

Manage and test your website content

Our website builder allows you to easily manage and test the content of your website with our A/B testing tool.

Multilingual websites

Build real estate websites with multilingual content and promote your properties internationally.

Build multilingual real estate websites
Track leads and performance of your website

Track leads and performance

Leads generated from your website or landing page are automatically tracked in the Qobrix CRM System, helping you monitor campaign and agent performance.

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