CRM User Experience – Overcoming the Challenges

Sep 10, 2020

CRM User Experience – Overcoming the Challenges

For a CRM to be successful, it needs to deliver a great user experience. It must offer the features required by the industry it serves and it must do this easily and quickly. The interaction between the CRM and the User is vital – usability and simplicity are everything. So, how can you overcome these challenges when selecting a CRM for your organization? What do you look out for to ensure a CRM user experience that your team will be onboard with?


Choose a CRM that’s been built to meet the needs of your organization and business sector

Opt for a CRM that will cater to your business needs because every industry comes with its own complex workflows, lead management and sales techniques, etc. How these are supported by a CRM differs from sector to sector, impacting CRM user experience significantly.

The Qobrix Real Estate CRM system has been designed specifically for real estate agencies and property developers. Use it to maximize lead generation and conversion, nurture customer relationships, access business insights, and boost sales.  Manage your property listings effortlessly, generate marketing collateral, and integrate with popular MLS and real estate portals.


Choose a user-centric CRM

A good CRM platform is a great tool offering many benefits to its users, provided they’re onboard with the system. For this to happen, users need to feel confident that the platform won’t be complicated to use. They need to be given time to adapt to the system and be provided with training to understand what they’re gaining. Show your team the CRM can transform business and streamline workflows and implement an onboarding plan to ensure a good CRM user experience will be had by all.


Ensure navigation is easy to use across the CRM

Choose a CRM system that makes navigation across the platform easy so you can find what you need quickly. Benefit from features and functionalities that are simple to access and accessible from all browsers or device. Mobile responsiveness is especially important because of the exponential growth of mobile usage across the globe. These are crucial elements for a positive user experience.


Pick a CRM that simplifies access to data and generates reports quickly

A great CRM system is one that provides you with what you need quickly and easily. This stands true for data and reports. The Qobrix Real Estate CRM platform simplifies the process of generating reports and provides intelligent business insights in real time. Use Qobrix Dashboards and get a visual representation of all key metrics from a variety of sources. Customise dashboards to display data in several ways, e.g. pie charts or line graphs, funnel presentations, bar charts, etc.


Start your Free Trial of Qobrix’s real estate platform. Learn more about how to capture more opportunities for expansion and profitability, with a focus on customer acquisition and service.

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