Manage Property Listings

Having the ability to create a database of property listings and properly manage them is a critical activity for real estate professionals. Qobrix makes this process simple and robust.

Add new properties quickly & easily

Add properties with all relevant information including the description, property areas, specifications, construction stage, status and location. Include images, floorplans, walkthroughs, brochures and flyers of every property as well as all details of the property seller such as contact details, engagement letters and inspection dates.


Categorize by property type

Categorize each property by type and subtype and choose whether it is up for sale or rent. Use the advanced property search functionality to apply the filters you want to quickly find the most suitable properties to match the leads or opportunities you are currently working on. Each property record has easy access to linked records such as held or planned viewings and total offers and counteroffers made.


Promote your property listings to popular portals

Integrate Qobrix with real estate portals and marketplaces such as Zillow, Trulia, Rightmove, Zoopla, Spitogatos, Bazaraki or any other local portals to easily promote your property listings to a wider audience. Publish your property on any portal with the push of a button.


Integrate your website with your CRM

Use the Qobrix Real Estate API to integrate your website with the CRM so changes made to property information on your CRM System are immediately and automatically reflected on your website. If a property is marked as reserved or sold, or the specifications of a property are changed in the CRM, this will instantaneously be reflected on your website.


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