Finance Management

Use the Qobrix Real Estate CRM to create Payment Plans according to the type of agreement you have made with your client whether that is for the purchase or leasing of a property, HOA fees or for any other extras. The rich field base of the Finance Management module allows you to keep track of pertinent information which is crucial to sustain your business including expected monthly payments, overdue amounts, current balances and more.

Easily add payment plans

All Payment Plans are linked to existing contracts where the total agreed amount is included along with the period over which that amount needs to be settled in full. You then have the option to select the instalment type you wish to enforce on this plan and whether the payment instalments will be carried out on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. Once you have made that choice and submitted your new payment plan the Qobrix CRM will allow you to generate the instalments which are automatically calculated by considering the total amount and instalment type chosen.

Add Payment plans
Qobrix CRM finance module instalments

Break down payments by instalments

Based on the period in which the full amount needs to be settled the CRM will seamlessly break down the instalment payments accordingly e.g., a property sold for 1 million with a payment period of 1 year and a quarterly instalment type will generate 4 separate instalments of 250,000 per 3 months. Once an instalment is settled you can update your CRM by entering the paid amount along with an attached receipt where the total balance of the initial payment plan with instantly be reduced.