How to evoke creativity in your employees

Today, to grow and prosper, it is no longer enough to simply be good at what you do. With so much competition breathing down the back of your neck, you need to be different, to stand out.  Businesses have to have a unique approach that would set them apart from...

evoke creativity

Real Estate Brokers’ biggest challenges in 2019

Starting with the rising mortgage rates and environmental changes and finishing with the technological progress, real estate brokers are facing numerous challenges each day.  As uncovered by the NAR 2019 Profile of Real Estate Firms most brokerages are trying to...

Real Estate challenges

How investing in a Real Estate CRM can bring you a significant ROI

Now it’s one thing understanding why your company needs a CRM and a completely different thing when you have to justify this to the business managers and investors. To convince them, you need to showcase the business value, its ROI, and explain how investing in a...


Your ultimate guide to a successful Real Estate website

According to a report by NARs (the National Association of Realtors), nearly all generations of home buyers start their property searches online. In 2017, 99% of buyers 36 years and younger used online real estate websites to find their new home, and the stats...


Qobrix to attend MIPIM PropTech Europe 2019 in Paris

LONDON, JUNE 2019 - Qobo Group Ltd, developers of the award-winning, multi-system Qobrix real estate software focused on customer acquisition, is happy to announce that it will be participating in this year’s MIPIM PropTech Europe...

MIPIM proptech

Want more real estate sales? Invest in marketing automation

Every real estate company essentially has the same goal – to reach more potential homebuyers and sell more. But with the market becoming more and more competitive, most companies find it hard to communicate the correct...

marketing automation

The future of Real Estate CRM Systems

With more and more real estate companies turning away from manual methods in favour of automated software, CRM software development has reached new heights. Buyers are now searching for upgraded versions of the software...

CRM systems

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