Last week in Qobrix (January 7 – January 13)

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Last week has been quite busy both with client projects and new features.  Most of the changes are going through the testing currently, so we haven’t pushed them out yet.  However there was still a single version release, packing quite a few changes all over the system:

Stay tuned for the upcoming releases and have a great week ahead!

Last week in Qobrix (December 31 – January 6)

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Welcome to the New Year!  We wish you the most successful and prosperous 2019!

We’ve spent most of the last week celebrating.  The team is slowly coming back from the vacations, setting up the plans for 2019, and winding up the development speed.  We are still mostly in the project management and review mode.  But we did release one version last week:

Stay tuned for a lot more planned and staged for this year!  Have a great week ahead.

Last week in Qobrix (December 24 – December 30)

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As mentioned previously, most of the last week the team has spent regrouping, charging their batteries, and spending time with their families celebrating Christmas.  While we have done a bit of work here and there, no new releases have been tagged.  And chances are, this week will be the same, with the celebrations of the New Year continuing the seasonal time off.

There’s time to work, and there is time to rest.  So we suggest you do the same.

From all of us here at Qobo, we wish a Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.  Cheers for a great 2019!

Last week in Qobrix (December 17 – December 23)

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We’ve spent last week wrapping up for Christmas holidays – fixing small bugs, closing off tickets, refactoring a bit of code, and so on.  As a result, we have tagged the following four versions:

This week is probably going to be very quiet, as most of the team is taking some time off.  From all of us here, we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Last week in Qobrix (December 10 – December 16)

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Last week was quite busy and productive.  We have wrapped up a major version release, as well as a few more, which bring new features, improvements, fixes, and so on.  Have a look at the following release notes for the four versions we released last week:

As always, stay tuned and have a great week ahead!

Last week in Qobrix (December 3 – December 9)

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We haven’t released any versions of Qobrix during the last week.  This was due to a number of reasons.  Firstly, we spent quite a bit of time in management mode, reviewing the year of 2018 and setting our goals for the 2019 and beyond.  Secondly, we had quite a bit of client projects to attend to.  And thirdly, we are preparing another major release this week, which requires quite a bit of merging, tagging and testing through the main codebase, as well as the plugins.

Stay tuned for more, and, as always, have a great week ahead!

Last week in Qobrix (November 26 – December 2)

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Last week we have finally completed the first working version of the Qobrix with CakePHP 3.6.  This is the only version that we have tagged during the week, but this is by far the largest release we have ever done!  And it even doesn’t matter which metric you choose to use – the number of people involved, the amount of time spent, the number of bugs fixed, the number of commits, or the total lines changed – each and every metric is through the roof for this version.  Read more in the release notes:

While there aren’t many visual changes in this version, it is still an important milestone, both for right now and for the future of the Qobrix development.  We have paid out a lot of the technical debt, realigned our own roadmap with that of CakePHP, and set the solid foundation for the new features and improvements.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be fixing minor issues and regressions here and there, as well as pushing out some of the new features which were stuck in the pipeline, awaiting for this release.

As always, stay tuned for more goodies and have a great week ahead!

Last week in Qobrix (November 19 – November 25)

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Last week we continued our push towards the CakePHP 3.6 upgrade.  We got pretty close, but still didn’t manage to tag the release.  This will definitely happen this week, as all the work is done and we are just testing and fixing a few minor issues here and there.  In the meantime we managed to tag the following version:

As always, stay tuned and have a great week ahead!

Last week in Qobrix (November 12 – November 18)

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Last week was one of those rare occasions when we haven’t released a single version of Qobrix.  We are working hard on the CakePHP 3.6 upgrade and we are almost done with all of our codebase.  These changes however have to come all at once, rather than bit by bit due to the complexity of the third-party dependencies in our CakePHP plugins.  So far, it looks like we’ll be doing a major release with all the CakePHP 3.6 updates and a few hundreds of PHPStan issues fixed at some point this week.  That is until we find any problems during the testing and QA.

As always, stay tuned and have a great week ahead!

Last week in Qobrix (November 5 – November 11)

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Last week our primary focus was on the CakePHP 3.6 upgrade.  We have update the codebase of more than half of all our plugins to work on both CakePHP 3.5 and CakePHP 3.6, as well as fixed several hundreds of small issues identified by the PHPStan static analysis tool.  The Qobrix version with all these updates is not ready for the release yet (as we have some more plugins to prepare), but we have managed to release a couple of minor versions with the fixes and small improvements all around:

Additionally, some of us have attended the AWSome Day Athens 2018 event in Greece, where we learned a lot about the Amazon AWS tools and services.  If you are interested in some more details of what the event was all about, have a look at this blog post.

As always, have a great week ahead and stay tuned for more updates and releases!