Last week in Qobrix (July 10 – July 16)

July 17, 2017 | Published in Qobrix News

Last week we continued with the improvements of our new website, focused on some client projects, and pushed out a few more Qobrix releases.  Browsing around the website should now make more sense as we have fixed a number of navigation issues.  There are also know some statistics and charts on the Release Notes page, showing how fast-paced is our development.

Qobrix - Release Notes - Charts

As far as the platform goes, we have produced a total of three releases last week:

We are also continuing our work on the Advanced Search improvements, which will hopefully be released this week.


Last week in Qobrix (July 3 – July 9)

July 10, 2017 | Published in Qobrix News

Last week we’ve mostly focused on releasing our new website.  That took quite a bit of effort and attention.  But we still managed to push out a few versions of Qobrix, focusing primarily on a few security issues from the previous’ week penetration testing.  We are also continuing with the Advanced Search functionality, gradually releasing improvements.  We’ve produced a total of 6 versions last week:



Welcome to the new!

July 6, 2017 | Published in Featured, Qobrix News

Qobrix - Website - 2017

Welcome to the brand new and shiny website!  We have been working on it for the last few weeks, and today we proudly present the new face of Qobrix.

The old website served us well, but it wasn’t enough anymore.  It was only focused on our solution for the Forex industry.  Qobrix is much bigger now and spans several products and several industries.  So we needed a new home.  A place, where we could showcase the products, provide documentation and support for all the features, as well as keep the growing community of Qobrix users informed about what’s happening and what’s about to happen.

Here are some of the new features available on the website:

  • A separate section for each product and solution.  (These are very basic for now, but we’ll be populating them with more content in the next few days and weeks).
  • Blog – a place to find all the news and updates about Qobrix.  We’ll be posting every week, so keep coming back or subscribe (can you find the RSS feed?).
  • Knowledge Base – this is where you can find Qobrix documentation.  We’ll posting more of the User Guides, aimed at day-to-day non-technical users of the system, Admin Guides for the Qobrix administrators, and Developer Guides for integrators, programmers, and other tech-savvy people. The Release Notes section brings you all the changes and news with a separate page for each version we have ever released (we have back-posted a few, but it’ll be up-to-date very soon).
  • Support page – a place to send us feature requests, wishlist items, improvement suggestions, and maybe even problem reports.
  • The whole website moved to HTTPS, utilizing encryption for all browser-to-website communications.  This increases your privacy and allows us to serve the pages to you faster.
  • The Contact Us page now provides contact information for all our offices, as well as maps, making it easy to find us.

There is, of course, more, but we’ll let you discover some on your own.  Hint: there are some Easter Eggs in the website as well.  Go find them!

If you liked the old website too, there is no reason to miss it just yet.  For now, it just moved into the Qobrix FX product page.  We’ll be improving  and adding to it in the near future as well.

Qobrix - Website - 2016

Browse around, click through, explore and let us know what you think.  Thanks!

Last week in Qobrix (June 26 – July 2)

July 3, 2017 | Published in Qobrix News

Last week was a busy one for the Qobrix team. As always, we are pushing the Qobrix platform forward, adding new features, improving the existing ones, and fixing identified issues. We have released a total of four versions:

On top of that, we’ve been involved in a security audit (penetration testing) of the Qobrix system with one of the clients. We are not at liberty to open the details, but overall it went quite well.

Additionally, we are working full steam ahead on the brand new and shiny version of the Qobrix website. It’s coming together and will go live in a few days. Stay tuned!

Managing your customer activity from one screen in your CRM System

June 27, 2017 | Published in Featured

The old adage “working faster and more efficiently” is of great importance in the every day management of customer activity.

One of the prime focuses at Qobo in the development of our Qobrix CRM System is to provide the ability to manage a number of activities from a single screen within our CRM.

A user’s typical interaction with the CRM system will be to login to the system where they will view a series of dashboards. These dashboards provide personalised information to the user of all their customers and where they stand in the pre-sale or after sales cycle.

They can then select one of their leads for example and from that one screen they can:

  • View all pertinent information regarding the lead including their budget, what product they are interested in, the last time they interacted with the company, and the expected close date
  • Add a call to the lead in order to record the most important notes from the conversation (or we can integrate with their telephony system and automatically record conversations and/or provide click to dial out facilities)
  • Schedule a customer meeting and thus automatically receive a calendar event via email for your mail calendar
  • Set a task for yourself or sign a task to someone else with low, medium or high priority
  • Post a note which can be either public or private with regards to that lead
  • Change the status of the lead according to where it is in the sales process
  • Relate further contacts to that lead
  • Upload documents in relation to the lead such as quotations, responses to questions, and info sent by the customer
  • Add a comment to the lead which can be responded to by others
  • Have the ability to add further products or services to the lead as it progresses within the sales cycle

Qobrix also provides a complete changelog which allow you to view any change that was made to a lead by any user.

With the above features, our CRM system provides you with the ability to manage all your customer activity with minimal clicks and maximum flexibility.

Last week in Qobrix (June 19 – June 25)

June 26, 2017 | Published in Qobrix News

Last week we focused primarily on the improvements of Qobrix search and on the integrations with other systems.  The most noticeable changes are in the results of the Basic Search, added support for the External Assets, such as third-party JavaScript and CSS files, and improved synchronization of user groups with external sources, like Microsoft Active Directory.  We have released a total of 7 versions:

We are also working on the new Qobrix website which should go live some time next month.

Last week in Qobrix (June 12 – June 18)

June 19, 2017 | Published in Qobrix News

Last week we reached yet another milestone in Qobrix platform development – a major release of version 25.  This version introduces a lot of improvements to the system configuration, making it much more flexible and reliable.  We’ve also improved the reporting functionality and custom permissions.  Altogether, we’ve produced 4 releases last week: