Lead Management

Qobrix centralizes all leads into the Leads module making it easy to search for the relevant lead you are looking for. Leads can be manually added through a user-friendly interface or automatically pushed into the CRM from your website and other third-party sources such as Facebook by using the Qobrix Real Estate API to integrate.

Create leads in the CRM

Add leads to the CRM including full contact information, the particular source it was generated from, a detailed interest of the lead including property type and budget, its current status, who the lead is assigned to and the day and time of the next follow up date. Once added, instantly view a list of the matching properties the CRM has located in your property listings which fit your new leads’ requirements to help speed up the sales process.


View activities related to leads

Update each lead by scheduling tasks, recording calls or by simply adding comments with every new follow up or progress made which can later be viewed in a chronological timeline. This will help you qualify your lead in order to progress to the next stage of the sales cycle.


Integrate your emails with the CRM

Capture all incoming and outgoing email leads through automated email integration with your CRM. Create email threads relevant to specific leads, synchronized in real-time, for proper monitoring and follow-up. View emails in any form preferred by the user.


Gather leads from your website

Integrate your website contact form with your CRM so data shared by visitors on your site automatically synchronize with your Leads module. Assign those leads to your sales team for immediate follow-up.


Monitor agent leads

Monitor all leads generated by your Agents which are fed directly into the Leads module through the Agent Portal. Identify which agents are generating the most leads.


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