Real Estate Websites

We build real estate websites that offer must-have features and functionalities which boost client acquisition and retention. Seamless integration with the Qobrix CRM system also makes updating your real estate website easier than ever before.

Key Features

Featured properties

This function allows you to highlight the latest property listings on your website, providing another way to draw the attention of your visitors to properties they may have not already seen. Featured properties can be listed according to submission date, industry or consumer trends, region, price, or by any other criteria you choose. Pagination is tailored to display those listings in the best possible way to make for a good (uncluttered) user experience on your site.

Advanced search filters

One of the most important tools on a real estate website, advanced search filters give visitors the ability to look for properties quickly and easily, directing them to what they want to see with no unnecessary navigation on your site. We make sure the search tool is highly visible, simple to use and produces relevant results. It allows your visitors to search by location, property type, number of bedrooms, amenities, construction stage, square feet, availability and more.

Detailed project specifications

Provide clients with essential information pertinent to individual real estate projects including videos and images, amenities and facilities, site plans and area maps, brochures, 3D tours/walkthroughs, aerial map views (including individual property pins) so visitors can properly visualise where a piece of real estate is located by suburb or city.

Seamless CRM Integration

Your real estate website is integrated with a fully-functional Real Estate CRM system which captures all your website requests into a structured module. You can keep track of all your website leads submitted through the website along with the contact information of the client and the particular sales or marketing campaign from which they came.

Detailed property information

Use your real estate website to provide comprehensive property information including type of property, current price of property, size by square feet/metres, finishes and fittings, floor plans, construction stage and availability.

Image gallery

High quality images of properties are a vital asset on a real estate website in that they attract more views. Customise your image gallery so that it highlights the most appealing features and details of your property listings, capturing the attention of visitors to your site.

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