Multilingual Real Estate CRM

Discover Qobrix, a multilingual Real Estate CRM which adapts and grows as you grow, allowing you to focus and expand to international markets.


A multilingual CRM offers your business the flexibility to grow in international markets across the globe. Currently available in English, Spanish and Greek, the Qobrix CRM system will be translated to other major languages to meet the demands of users worldwide.



Where necessary, the Qobrix CRM system is modified to meet the linguistic needs of different geographies to make it relevant and understandable. The end goal is to account for cultural differences in every country the system is used in.


Elevated user experience

The power of a multilingual CRM like Qobrix is its ability to adapt to the language requirements of users in different countries. This increases user engagement with the CRM system, avoids confusion, allows for reporting based on the chosen language, and ensures organizational efficiencies.


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