Career with a Bang

Staying up to date on industry trends and new technologies is what keeps us learning and stay inspired. We strive to make an impact so we empower our people to be curious and welcome diverse ways of thinking. We pursue innovation by embracing unique perspectives and want to work with people who will do the same.

Targeted Innovation

We have an obsession with building software that makes a difference. We want to grow in features that we offer, grow in customers that we help, grow in industries that we cover, and grow in geographies that we serve. We want to bring innovation to everything we touch. And we want you along for the ride.

The world is your oyster

We’re all about personal development and want you to reach your full potential. We work hard at fostering collaboration and teamwork to learn from those around us and help each other grow. We experiment, share ideas, gather feedback and listen intently to our customers to be the best at what we do.

[Working] life’s a beach

We know that great work can be done from anywhere. Even the beach. Which is why we have a talented group of developers and creators located across Cyprus and the UK, supported by the tools and technologies needed to execute all projects. And our active, hands-on community approach makes it easy for everyone to connect, no matter where they are.

Flexibility is the key to balance

Your environment and schedule are everything to get the best work done. We believe being exceptional can happen anywhere, be it in the office or from the couch at home. Which is why we give our team the flexibility to work where they are most comfortable and can draw the most inspiration.

Coffee isn’t everything

We’re all about staying connected and keeping in touch with co-workers beyond office hours. Building bonds happens in several fun ways, be this coming together for a frozen margarita or sharing daily non-work related news with colleagues wherever they are in the world.

Going up?

We have several open positions that we’re looking to fill with talented people who are just as passionate about growth as we are.