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Qobrix Release notes

See what’s new in Qobrix and what we’re gradually rolling out.

18-26 July 2022

Qobrix now an official Zapier app

4-14 June 2022

SMS notifications

1-17 May 2022

Email multiple contacts at once

19-28 April 2022

Translations in Properties

1-18 April 2022

Email messages


24-30 March 2022

Expanding role details for contacts


17-23 March 2022

Activities in contacts

10-16 March 2022

Contacts and Permissions

18-24 February 2022

Inline file fields for properties

10-16 February 2022

More tabs to minimise scrolling

21-28 January 2022

Leads and Opportunities are combined into Leads

8-14 December 2021


23-29 November 2021


01-07 November 2021


25-31 October 2021


XE Greece is now available for testing with real data via the Qobrix API.  More changes are coming for XE, Spitogatos and integrations in general over the next days.

Calendar & Activities

A link to the related record is now available when clicking any event (Task, Viewing or Call). For example, for Viewings the link Related Opportunity is provided which allows you to navigate to the actual Opportunity without leaving the Calendar.


We made sure that all modules now have Legacy ID and Unique ID and that the naming is consistent. This should allow users to import more records from old systems using the Legacy ID. It also helps when importing and updating existing records, as all records can be updated via Unique ID now.

Finance module

Due Date is now available in the Invoices table, when viewing any Payment Plan.

Dynamic Templates

Testing environment is now available for designers so that they can design new email templates.




18-24 October 2021


Our Finance module now includes Payment Plans, Invoices and Payments. From the Client contract module you can view all the related Payment Plans and create new ones, if needed. From Payment Plans you can view related Invoices and also create new Invoices. You can now also generate invoices.
Lastly, Payments can be viewed and created from invoices.

Matching Leads

We have improved how matching leads work by including Leads not specified Budget, No of Bedrooms or Bathrooms. We are also excluding converted Leads.



11-17 October 2021

Activities & Calendar

Calendar events are now clickable so that you can view more details about Activity.

Matching Leads

It is now possible to automatically view Matching Leads under any Property. This takes into consideration the Property type, Price, No of Bedrooms and Bathrooms.

20-26 September 2021

Currency symbol

Jamaican dollar is now displayed with JMD prefix instead of $.

User Management & Profile

It is now possible for users to change their own email via the Profile page. Administrators can do the same via the Users Management option, under the admin menu.

13-19 September 2021


You now have the option to navigate between different pages using the right panel (aka slider) enhancing user experience. For e.g. it is currently possible to select a Lead, then click on the contact, then on the organisation in order to edit it, without leaving the main Leads Page. This works for activities and comments too.

Dynamic Templates

Brochures now take system language into consideration. As a result, brochures can now be generated in Greek, Italian and Spanish.


Images are now cached making for faster page loads.



6-12 September 2021

Advanced Search & Reports

Edit/View/Delete actions are now available in search results. Tooltip is now displayed next to each cell header to indicate the module. This is useful when the report includes two or more fields having the same name. We have improved the Save functionality to work with groups (Summary Reports).

Media Manager

Pagination will be displayed in instances where you will have more that 50 photos per category, making for faster page loads.


It is now possible to import Projects and Locations or Properties and Locations in one go.



30 August-5 September 2021


The weather component when publishing/unpublishing projects is now visible.

File Upload

You are now able to upload files of up to 15MB.

Import Media

We added the option to bulk upload media by using the Property Unique Reference ID or the Legacy ID. Upon upload, images that have successfully uploaded and those that failed to upload will be highlighted.


Water and electricity fields are now available for all property types.


You are now able to edit project photos when editing a project.


Lead Description now shows under the Details panel in lead view.

User interface

We now break words to the next line so that they fit on the alert dialog. Adjustments have also been made for small screens, including the sidebar which has been improved to show all the elements and how the text is displayed on Sales Pipelines.




August 2021


It is now possible to import photos and other files like PDFs, Word Documents etc in bulk. This can be accessed via Admin (gear icon) > Imports. Note that currently is possible to import files by using only the Property UUID. We are working to add support for Property Unique ID and Legacy ID.

Some features to note:

  • Images can be previewed in browser, grouped by Property
  • Option to remove an image if needed before start uploading
  • Option to remove an entire folder if needed before start uploading


Agents are now displayed (and viewable) under the Agency to which they belong.


You can now quickly add a new Organisation when adding/editing a contact. This is not supported when adding a new Contact via a modal window, ie when creating a Lead.



January 2021


The newly introduced Calendar allows you to get a high level overview of the ongoing Activities including Tasks, Calls, Viewings and Follow-ups. This works not just on a personal level but on a team level too. In particular, team supervisors can use the Calendar view to get the same information for the entire team.

In addition, calendar events can be received to your iPhone calendar or Outlook calendar by using ICS Feeds.


We are introducing a two-way integration with Mailchimp that allows you not only to push Contact and Leads information to Maichimp, but also to retrieve campaign events from Mailchimp.

Effective this release we are pushing more information to Mailchimp to allow better segmentation in Mailchimp Audiences. By leveraging this integration Campaigns can target leads looking to rent an apartment in London or buy land in Greece. On top of that, any email sent through Mailchimp is recorded in Qobrix CRM allowing you to capture both Sales and Marketing activities.

Activities Timeline

We improved the way events are being displayed in Activities Timeline by adding more relevant information to each event.


We are expanding Qobrix API by adding the capability to retrieve the Change-log for any resource including Leads, Opportunities and Properties.




December 2020

New Plan – Essentials

We are releasing a new plan which is now available for a free-trial

Communication – Text and Email Messages

Getting in touch with your prospects and clients has never been easier with Qobrix. You can now send a Text Message (SMS) to any Lead, straight away from the Timeline view. In fact, this can be done from any Contact, Lead, Opportunity or Client registered into Qobrix CRM. All you need to do is to establish a connection with AWS SMS Service and ensure that the Contact’s mobile number is valid.

Similar to Text Messages, you can also send an email – again through the Timeline view. To make this work you will need to setup your Email Profile through User Settings.

Last but not least, incoming emails will also show up on your Timeline. This will allow you to have a consolidated view of all your actions – from Calls and Viewings to Text and Email Messages.

Email Notifications

To keep you updated with the most important changes happening in the CRM, Qobrix sends you now an email including all the necessary details. For example, you will be notified when a new Lead is assigned to you or when a new Comment was added. We understand that notifications can be overwhelming in some cases, and hence we are providing the option to adjust them in User Settings. In brief you can enable or disable Email Notifications for any of the following:

  • A Lead, Opportunity or a Client is assigned to you
  • A Lead, Opportunity or a Client previously assigned to you, is now assigned to someone else
  • A Lead was converted to an Opportunity
  • An Opportunity was converted to a Client Contract
  • An Activity (Call, Viewing, Task) was added to a Lead, Opportunity or a Client that is assigned to you
  • An new comment was added to a Lead, Opportunity or a Client that is assigned to you
  • A Property is published
  • When an export / import is completed

On top of the above, you can also control whether you are getting email notifications for changes made by you or your team.

Units of Measurement and Currencies

Qobrix can be configured to work with any currency and measurement unit; this can be done very easily through the intuitive setup wizard. The chosen currency and units are being reflected across the entire system, from Properties pricing to Offers and Brochures.

API Documentation

Qobrix API Documentation has been revamped and released on apidocs.qobrix.com including code examples for nodejs. You can either visit apidocs.qobrix.com and browse the online documentation or import the OpenAPI Spec directly to a REST Client like Postman.



November 2020

New Qobrix Experience

We have made it easier to use Qobrix. The new experience offers a fresh and modern look. It is compact so that you can do more with less scrolling. We have given special attention to the timeline in particular which has been redesigned to display more events. Navigation has been also improved which makes it easier to navigate between search results and individual pages.

On top of that we have made significant changes on how you can manage your Media and Brochures.


Brochures can be managed and adjusted in different ways. First, you can upload your branding logo, define your branding colors and contact details to give the necessary corporate touch. Further, you can now preview and adjust Brochure’s content before generating the final PDF.

Media Library

Property photos can be re-arranged to select the order they appear in Brochures. In fact, this works for all uploaded documents. Further, images uploaded are now being auto-rotated. Last but not least, support for JFIF has been added.