Real Estate Agent Portal

Our Agent Portal is one of the innovative solutions in the Qobrix Real Estate Software portfolio of solutionsQobrix Real Estate Agent Portal works in direct communication with the CRM System to provide Agents with 24/7 access to any information they require. Each Agent is granted access to their own personal space where they can obtain sales collateral, marketing collateral, and project information as generated by the Property Developer including brochures, presentations, images and branded and unbranded material.

Real Estate Agent Portal Dashboard

Key Features

Use your branding on sales material

As an added feature of the Qobrix Real Estate Agent Portal, all sales collateral can be offered with your company’s branding. Similarly your Real Estate Agents can upload and use their own logos to promote their sales collateral under their own brand. Use this feature to add a personal feel to your campaigns.

Gather all your documents in one place

Qobrix Real Estate Agent Portal is a tremendously useful tool for any Real Estate Agency interacting with Property Developers. Through the portal you can upload documents such as price-lists, rates, commission agreements, and custom marketing material that apply specifically to a Property Agent.

Track conversations

The Agent Portal also includes a messaging system which allows for all conversations to be logged and tracked. This can include requests for information, logging of complaints on behalf of clients from the Agent, and requests from the Property Developer on the status of an opportunity.

Add leads & appointments

Through Qobrix Real Estate Agent Portal you can register leads and appointments which are automatically added to the CRMThe Client Portal is updated by the CRM System which automatically populates the portal with information from the back-end systems as necessary.

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Give your Real Estate Agent access to:


Property Information


Custom documents prepared by the Property Developer for that particular Agent


Useful Documents (information on Permanent Residency, Citizenship, etc.)


Marketing Collateral


Tools such as loan calculators, currency exchange rates, translation modules, weather widgets, etc.



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