CRM Dashboards & Reporting

Qobrix Real Estate CRM Dashboards are a source of vital business intelligence. They provide users with a visual representation of all key metrics through the collation of real-time data from a variety of sources. Dashboards can be configured to meet the specific requirements of an organization, delivering a complete view of operational processes and procedures as well as sales and marketing activities. Individual users can customize each dashboard to present data in a variety of ways including pie charts or line graphs, funnel presentations and bar charts, and to generate reports highlighting where your business is at and what changes need to be implemented in any given moment.

Manage all your sales activities

Through Qobrix CRM , you can use the sales dashboards to generate several key reports relating to sales activities, enabling you to understand and manage your sales pipeline more effectively. This includes the status of all incoming leads, current opportunities (according to budget and status), overdue opportunities, sales pipeline (deals under negotiation or concluded), sales pipeline by individual or team, leads being worked on, most viewed properties, planned viewings of properties, activities by sales people (calls to customers, visits to customers, daily or weekly CRM logins, customer retention efforts), and various other preferred metrics.


Forecast revenue and generated sales

The Finance dashboards allow you to generate key analytical reports including forecasted revenue (monthly, yearly, quarterly), billing status (overdue amounts, paid amounts), key competitors, won opportunities, sales generated, ROI, and others based on your business specifications.


Get valuable insights on marketing campaigns

The Marketing dashboards offer insights into the status of all marketing campaigns, the volume of leads generated per campaign and where those leads come from (e.g. by country).


Track your agent’s performance

Useful for both real estate agents and property developers, the Business Development dashboards enable you to monitor performance by agent, which agent brings you the most leads, the number of pending agent agreements, and much more.


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