Use the Qobrix CRM Tasks feature to manage companywide tasks so as to improve operational efficiencies and customer service.

Adding tasks for real estate in Qobrix CRM

Create tasks easily

Easily create tasks in the Qobrix CRM system and assign those tasks to members of your team, with corresponding deadlines. Tasks can be linked directly to any record including leads, opportunities, clients and property listings.

Prioritise tasks

Sort tasks by priority or due date for better management by the individuals to whom the tasks have been assigned.
Prioritize tasks
View upcoming tasks

View upcoming tasks

Filter tasks by date and gain an overview of what is pending, what your team members are working on, and whether deadlines will be met.

Generate dashboards & reports

Use your dashboards to get a visual representation of all pending or completed tasks. Customise the relevant dashboard to present the information you want in your preferred manner. This includes pie charts or line graphs, funnel presentations and bar charts, etc. Generate reports for a more in-depth analysis of the status of all tasks.

Generate dashboards & reports