v31.0.0 – Field Handlers Refactoring

January 11, 2018


The release of Qobrix v31.0.0 brings the first major refactoring of Field Handlers, as well as a minor improvement to the System Logs user interface.


Field Handlers Refactoring

Qobrix is a module application development platform.  One of the most important parts of the system is the CSV Migrations module, which, among other things, provides a powerful and flexible way to render module fields.  Qobrix supports a whole lot of different field types, from the very basic like strings, date, and numbers, to the much more complicated ones like files, images, and combined fields.  Each field is supported with a variety of functionality like rendering values, labels, defaults, inputs and more.

In this release, we have reorganized and greatly simplified how Field Handlers work, and how they can be extended.  These changes allow for development of new, and more powerful field handlers, as well as more flexible views and layouts.

The extra flexibility comes at a cost of backward compatibility.  While we have put a significant effort into preserving the old functionality, some parts of the code had to be removed and reorganized in such a way that would break any custom development that extends and builds on top of the Field Handlers.

This version brings only the first in several phases of refactoring, which should not affect any end users or administrators of the Qobrix applications.  Developers and system integrators however should study the changes in this release and verify any custom changes carefully.  The main focus of changes at this time is the hierarchy of the Field Handler classes, both abstract and concrete.  If you have built any custom field handlers, please verify that they are still working or adjust accordingly.

We will continue with the refactoring and simplification of the Field Handlers in the next few major releases.  For now, we just wanted to provide you with the first batch of changes, allowing a gradual upgrade and migration.

System Logs UI

We have also slightly improved the UI of the System Logs screens in this release.  Filtering the logs by a particular log level is much more intuitive now, with proper buttons styling and icons.

Component Updates